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Chris asks…

UK Drug policy?

At the moment the UK’s Illegal drug trade is worth £4.6bn.
The cost to the UK to police it, insurance for criminal damage and lost work hours is between £12 to 18bn.

Its predicted that 55% of property crime is related to fundraising to buy illegal drugs.

Why do we spend so much money trying to change something that CAN NOT be changed?

The price of 1 kg of cocaine is £1,000 in Columbia, but its £30,000 over here, those profits result in international criminal gangs taking over, more crime, more human trafficking etc

The police says that its best efforts do not change the market that much. They have been taking more and more drugs off the streets, but the prices keep getting cheaper.

In 2004/5
4.65 million ecstasy tables were confiscated. But you can still but them from £2-5 each.
83 tonnes of cannabis and 88,000 plants were confiscated, but the price has not changed.

Are we ever going to make this legal, tax it and stick drug abusers in rehab rather than prison?
In Holland, there are fewer drug users than in most of Europe, so putting it on a shelf with a price tag will not make people go running to the shops.

When will people stop panicking about this taboo subject and start making policies that will not waist public money?
Simon : You can confiscate all the property and money you can get your hands on. Still will not stop the trade of these drugs. its not possible, unless we have a BB state.

The governments that let these people produce the drugs, well you just have to look at the attitude of the French police when they willing let hundreds of people jump on trucks and train heading to Britain.

They didn’t want those people in their town, but they were not going to waste tax payers money stopping the migration of people from somewhere to England, they think England should police itself, being an Island does not make you invulnerable

PS : Britain has cracked down one its own crime gangs so well that there is now a power vacuum that foreigners’ are more than willing to fill.

If you don’t make it a crime, then criminals can’t profit from it.
shannow :

People take, recreational drugs (inc alcohol and nicotine) for various reasons – social, religious, etc.

Some people have said that drugs make them feel good, help them relax or perk up for a particular event.

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Potter answers:

I’m also in favour of total legalisation. Prohibition never works, it just makes a lot of money for the black market. It makes a lot of work for the authorities and police resources could be better spent elsewhere.
People who have no interest on drugs won’t start. And lets face it if your life is so cr@p that heroin seems a good idea, it would be better to give you a clean supply and clean needles and let you get on with it. But turning you into a criminal is insane.
Alcoholics aren’t seen as criminals until they damage someone else, it should be the same for drug users.

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