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Mandy asks…

What are the best herbs to use for pain relief?

I want to know what herbs help with what methods for pain relief. The best for oral consumption through tincture form, and which is better, alcohol or glycerine tincture, and what’s the best methods for both? I’ve heard a lot of rumors, but haven’t found my personal favorite yet. I’ve had tinctures done by masters, and I want to know their secrets. If any of you have obtained some jewels of knowledge as far as what would be the best methods of pain relief that I can make myself at home, and be fully aware of every ingredient in the mix? (if you have a suggestion, please suggest something legal in all 50 states of America, not just the states/countries that have narcotic plants like coca, opium poppy, cannibus, looking to find alternatives to the badguys in pharma, and a legal method to do it with non-addictive an harmless plants. I know I found one day common dandelions helped with a kidney infection I had once. didn’t need antibiotics, an that’s just one way it’s proven to me I didn’t need pain killers or steroids or antibiotics to get better. I’d rather get the stuff that grows and looks me in the eye from the earth than things produced from machines. And that’s what I want for me, and my friends. Any ideas?

Potter answers:

Depends on the pain. I use cramp bark for general spasticity (for my MS) and also for cramps of other kinds. Higher doses work well for extreme cramping and lower are generally for lesser abdominal cramping (such as with diarrhea or so on). I’ve found it works for headaches as well, depending on whether the headaches are more muscular-related.

You take the bark in capsule form. I use the purest form.

I’ve found also, that garlic is the best anti-microbial out there for me. I take one Kyolic tablet a day to keep things in balance (I’ve dealt with candidisis [candida] for a long time), and I will occasionally take a probiotic also.

I will periodically stay in an ozonated room to “cure” my fatigue. I’ve never gotten headaches from it, as I always have a headache to begin with. It increases energy, and it’s helped me a great deal in ignoring whatever pain I have (most of it severe).

I wouldn’t trust anything that isn’t well-understood unless it truly works for you. Avoid things that are well-known as poisonous (even in high doses and you’re taking low doses [ozone is well-known to be toxic and helpful, and I’m sticking with it because it’s the only thing that works for what I need it for]), and avoid things that are well-know to be addictive. It isn’t worth it, even to get rid of pain. They ALL wear off or your body becomes tolerant.

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