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John asks…

What are the best Herbs for male “Male Menopause”?

I am over 40. I have some other symptoms that are bothering me.

I get erections for no reason (like while driving).
I can’t concentrate.
I forget things constantly, and repeatedly.
I get lost while driving.
I feel depressed, often at specific times of the day (at about 1:00pm, and 9:00am).
I can’t sleep.
I feel confused.

Is this “Male Menopause”? What do I need to take?

I am taking medications for high blood pressure.

None of this appears to be affecting my libito. I think I have a lot of testosterone. I have to shave twice a day. I have done so since I was 15.
6′ 2″ 220 libs. Nope, that is not overweight.
Patrick… Please tell me more about the shots.
Patrick… Please tell me more about the shots.

Potter answers:

Could be. You should see your Dr. Mine put me on Testosterone shots and Im feeling great now.

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