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David asks…

how can i get on a web for free dating im penniless but trying no credit cards?

ive seen a man im interested in on another paid for web his name is edwaed and hes from Boston he likes the same things i like and he seems very nice Ive been divorsed..and i love photography and music and health i like a man who is on his own and is prtective of the ones he loves but has cut the chord with his into renting a good movie like Legends of the fall,and snow storms.I want guthey Rankers ball to get in the best shape i can for me and my kinda quiet and need my space with my man and i only want to meet ed at this point.i love to plant my own garden and use the herbs for my meals i prepare.Id like to one day own my own lap top and be someones Lady.I love stevie nicks and listen to celtic music to relax me and..i love herbal teas.i don t smoke never did and have an occasional glass of wine.i love a good cup of coffee in the am and love the winter and walking with my man.I love a sensual kiss and trust,that to me is the most important,so it would be an awesome gi

Potter answers:

Here are three totally free websites.Good luck. Http://

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