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William asks…

Music lyric appreciation?

‘ello there. Well as I was just searching for “Best Alesana album” on Google, I was brought to a link on Yahoo! Answers talking about some girl wanting to find “emo/depressing/screamo” songs with great lyrics. I saw numerous posts saying stuff like “screamo music doesn’t have great lyrics” and stuff just downing that genre of music. I wanted to see how everyone else viewed music genre’s and their lyrics.

I, for one, think everyone who said that is completely wrong and either have not listened to enough of that genre of music or can’t comprehend the metaphors being stated in each song. Yes, I know there are exceptions where there are no metaphors (ie: Dragonforce… which isn’t even metalcore or Cannabis Corpse which I can’t wrap my mind around), but for the most part, all my deathcore/metalcore/post-hardcore music is very metaphorical and contains great lyrics.

I’m listening to “Apology” by Alesana right now, and I love the song. It’s meaningful. I love lyrics that make you think about the words to understand what they’re saying. This is one reason why I don’t really like pop, country, and some alternative, because it’s all just stated clearly and it all sounds like they’re saying the same exact stuff. And I don’t like MOST rap because it can all be summed up in a few words. Drinking, drugs, sex, money, power (Again, there are exceptions). Part of artist’s genius is finding different ways to say the same stuff. That’s why I absolutely love System of a Down. Serj does a great job in finding these metaphors.


Anyway, before I get carried away, what do you think about this topic?
Let me change what I said just a tad.

I understand that there’s a difference in the “screamo” genre and these metal genres. I prefer post-hardcore, metalcore, and deathcore. But, I was just saying what others stated and the masses of people who don’t listen to this type of music generalize everything with any screaming as “screamo”.
Haha. I’m not trying to sound biased or generalizing, don’t get me wrong. I used to listen to that kind of stuff but finally found a genre I love. And I can see what you’re saying about the high pitched screaming and I understand. In that specific song, it’s so hard to keep up with him screaming even if you have the lyrics because of the rhythm and tone he screams at.

But, I think I was misunderstood when I said that stuff. I DID say there were exceptions. I do really like Hollywood Undead (well, I don’t think their newest album was very good. Swan Songs was great). Eminem’s different at times to. But, I was saying for the most part. What I meant by “Singing the same stuff” is that it’s all the same topics. You can pretty much sum up EVERY song into love, hate, drugs, anti-drug, no money, sex, power, and powerless. But I just don’t think pop and rap on the radio is very well written. That’s just my opinion, and I like to think it’s not biased because I DO pay attention to lyrics all t

Potter answers:

It’s nice to know someone else values the lyrics in music as I do. I listened to that song, “Apology,” and I have a few thoughts on it. I can see the poetry of the words. It’s an expertly written song. The tune was also great, and I enjoyed the pace of the drums. However, if I was not looking at the lyrics, I would not have understood it because of the screamo. I think he should have toned it down slightly. Then again, some of Evergreen Terrace’s songs are the same, only deeper, but I still enjoy them. I guess I just didn’t like the fact that it was high-pitched. Other than that, I thought it was a pretty good song.

As for other music such as pop, country, and rap, I find your opinion a little biased. I don’t blame you though. You have a genre that you prefer, and the stuff on the radio just doesn’t give music much justice. As for rap, it can be seriously hard to find an appropriate song, but it’s possible. A lot of stuff by BoB is good. Hollywood Undead is good just as long as you weed out the crap they make. Plus, they’re a rap rock group, so you might like that. Other than that, I go blank. Can you maybe list some bands so I can see a little more of what you mean? And is does Breaking Benjamen go under the category?

(Oh, and for the record, I do like screamo. Just not the screamo from “Apology.” No offence.)

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