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Laura asks…

What are the best benefits of using Excel?

If you worked at a company that could benefit from it, but does not use it, how would you try and convince them it is a good thing to use?

Potter answers:

It can used as a business expense to lower tax liability?
Otherwise I have no other ideas on the benefits of Excel over any other program, particularly the calc program in Open Office which is open source and available for free.

I once worked at a company that used spreadsheets (Lotus 1-2-3 i believe) for it’s estimating program. While there were several engineering calculations that went into the estimating process, most of the data was pretty static (material prices, etc.) and were better suited to being in a database where the calcs can be done in the programming. So I spent time migrating the entire estimating program to a custom database app., which was incomplete when I left the company.
I said all that to say that a spreadsheet isn’t always the best program for certain applications. If it’s calculating, crunching, and playing with numbers ad-hoc then yes a spreadsheet would probably be well suited.

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