Your Questions About: Benefits Of Smoking Crack

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Donna asks…

Is my buddy crazy? What is he smoking?

He has a choice between two jobs:

Job A: temp to hire. Chance of being converted to full time with benefits is 60%-70%. Pays $32K a year.

Job B: temp to hire. Chance of being converted to full time with benefits is 10%-20%. Pays $58K a year.

Both jobs are basically the same type of work. He’s leaning toward Job A.

Is he smoking some serious crack here?
If he chose Job B, he would be working with me. Maybe he wouldnt really like that. HAHAHA
Job A is with a company fairly new, was a startup about 4 years ago.

Job B is with a company that is doing very well. Established about 18 years ago.

Potter answers:

If he is smoking anything that is the first problem you should help him with(smoking anything is so NOT A GOOD THING) if he is your true buddy. Some people need to look at things or decide for themselves what they think they can handle not everyone looks to the future or what is ahead of them.
He might need to get a reality check, ya know get with the program!!? The people today between the ages of 18 and 24 (I BELIEVE) NEED TO GET INTO STUFF THAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN THE WORLD watch the news, read a paper learn what it is really like to be in the outside of MOM and Dad’s My Daughter is in another world she is 24 and is not even close to reality with jobs money, LIFE SURROUNDINGS
She is now living with My ex husband cause She Felt I Gave Her To Many Responsibilities.
And she is now going down hill with school, no job, and owes me big BIG money to pay for everything. BUT she won’t listen and take in some knowledge from this old lady (mom)

I say be helpful to your buddy and do not criticize ( TO EACH THEIR OWN)
Good Luck To YOU And Your BUDDY

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