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Maria asks…

GF on Pot. what do i do? HELP…..?

My gf is addicted to pot. She is constantly in a bad mood, has like panic attacks, acts in anger constantly but when she smokes she is calm. She smokes with her neighbor guy friends who sit outside her door on lawn chairs all day as they dont work.
I have told her that i do LOVE her but i dont like the pot. She says it calms her. Last night i told her i can understand and appreciate that she may want to quit, but why do her guy neighbor friends still call her at 10 pm to come outside so they can go smoke. I said im sitting in the apartment and i see her constantly going out to hang out with them. Im not saying she should’nt have friends. But i do think its disrespectful for friends of the opposite sex to be calling out a friend of the opposite sex to come out at ten pm to smoke with them when their partner is in the house.
She also constantly lashes out. She did need baby sitter this morning for a child who was ‘sick’, and she lashed out again at me for not allowing her to go out at ten pm when one of the neighbor guy friends called for her to join them outside. She said she had meant to ask one of them to baby sit for her the next day( today).
I took her to the shop today and had repairs worth $400 done and i returned the car to her and took the bus to the library. She is thankful fo rme fixing it but i think the constant noise and yelling and pot smoking has gotten to a point where i think im done with her. Her mother told her and i quote 3 weeks ago ” this is a good man. Keep him. Dont let him go. I do need some good sons in law in this family…”
If im not there, one neighbor guy friend will baby sit for her cause they are good friends( without benefits) as she refused to have anything to do with him romantically as it would ruin a good friendship she said.
What do MATURE people think about this……..

Potter answers:

There is no such thing as an addiction to pot. She’s just an a55hole.

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