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Mandy asks…

What are the benefits of legalizing weed?

Some say weed should be legalized, but why should it be legalized? What is the reasoning behind it?

Why is weed different to any other drug? Why should weed be legalized, but crack cocaine, ecstasy and other hard drugs should not?

What do supporters think will happen if weed is legalized?

Potter answers:

Legalizing or at the very least decriminalizing Cannabis would allow for added cash flow through taxes for the government, crime would go down, the safety of the product could be monitored (no harmful pesticides). There are already sudo-models out there with the legalization of medical use in many states.

It is different from hard drugs in most people’s minds (I personally feel drugs are a personal choice. While I have never chosen to use them it’s not the place of the government to restrict substances because they hurt the people choosing to use them) because it is a natural substance. THC is also not addictive and you can not overdose on it like you can on harder drugs. In countries who have legalized all drugs the crime rates and percent of users decreases within the first 5 years.

See above to answer your last question.

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