Your Questions About: Alternatives To Marijuana Use

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Sandra asks…

Is ut bad to use marijuana? ?

I use marijuana to get to sleep, and find it really makes the difference in my amount of hours of sleep i get. At least 3 more. Is this bad to devolop a dependance for this, because sometimes i cant when im sober. But i figured if i always had weed if be fine right? Help lol. Id love an alternative to my uses

Potter answers:

It’s not bad to use cannabis when prescribed it for certain disorders.
If you use it in excess, It’s bad.
You should only smoke/ingest a little bit.
Bring your tolerance back down.

I hope you know the difference between indica and sativa, and that you’re only dealing with indica.
Different types/strains are for different things.

It sounds like you may have some anxiety which keeps your brain up at night.
Which is good to use an indica with.

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