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Ken asks…

What is the point of sending a pot smoker to AA?

My buddy lives in one of these red states where they actually still care if you smoke a little marijuana. He was caught taking a little puff and now he is being forced to attend 10 AA meetings? What is the point of that? Personally, I find alcohol detestable….. which is why I prefer cannabis, in moderation, as a much safer and non-addictive alternative. How does meeting a bunch of people who ruined their lives with alcohol prove the point that one shouldn’t use cannabis?

Doesn’t AA, in many ways, prove exactly why cannabis should be a legal alternative to alcohol?

Potter answers:

That’s pretty stupid! You would think they would send him to NA if anything. It makes no sense to send him to AA since its clearly strictly for alcohol. Plus being sentenced to NA is pretty stupid for just a little pot! Glad I live in California! 🙂

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