Your Questions About: 3 Short Term Effects Of Weed

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Donald asks…

HELP ME!! PLEASE I think I might have Spice and weed side effects or a serious problem!!!?

Ok Im 14 I’ve been having a problem since the beginning of 7th grade I always feel a sad tired and by the end of 8th grade I bought some weed and my friend gave me some spice I smoked the weed for a month and then I ran out so I smoked spice 3 times and the second time It felt like I was going to die I couldnt walk and I saw little troll things where ever I looked so a few days after that I bought 3.5 grams of weed at school for $70 and I got caught I was suspended on May 22nd to the end of the year (June 9th) so about 20 days later I started having what I think is side effects Im noticing short term memory loss headaches (I NEVER get headaches), dizziness when I stand, and my mind feels blank and empty PLEASE HELP!! I want a straight answer please tell me what’s wrong I’m really scared!

Potter answers:

You’re too young and/or moving way too fast for your own good. Take a break from all chemicals and let your body and mind just run on food, water, and oxygen for a while! Some kids (sorry to call you a kid, but anyone under 25 is a kid to me) get in over their heads with partying. Take some time off from it. You’re still growing, you know?

“Spice” (or similar) is some dangerous stuff, and no one here or anywhere else can really tell you much about it since it is comprised of various research chemicals; chemicals that have barely been tested on animals and not at all on people. It’s a risky gamble. At least with prescription and street drugs we have some real knowledge about them.

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