Why isn’t Weed Legal?

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Why isn’t weed legal? What can I say? I grew up a little sheltered and had to discover these things on my own later in life. I guess it’s all about the government deciding the best way for us to take care of ourselves. We pass laws that make sure that we can’t hurt ourselves or that really have no relevance to our safety. Have you tried to purchase some Sudafed lately? Once you sign your life away you are allowed to buy a box. Just like refusing to make weed legal the government has decided that we can’t be trusted to take care of ourselves.

But I think my question is more about why it isn’t from a philosophical angle. Why does the government feel that getting high presents more of a danger than drinking or some of these wicked prescriptions some of my friends are on? At my highest point I have not lost control over myself but watch someone down a few beers with script drugs and watch out. That’s like a death wish that is perfectly legal but my calm buzz is arrest material.

Of course, if people continue to do harm to themselves with dangerous mixes, they’ll probably outlaw everything from Vicodan to Tylenol 3. It’s doubtful we could ever make weed legal again since back in the 70s pot and hash were everywhere and the parents and community leaders decided that it was time for a movement. They not held the movement successfully and got pot significantly outlawed with real consequences for having the stuff, but the Regan administration completely ran with it and created the war on drugs.

I think it’s a bit much considering what is legal. But we all know that if we use that argument we aren’t likely to have much left that is legal. So instead, we could switch to alternative herbal remedies for what we need. I often wonder if the original popularity of weed made it more enticing to ban. So I wonder what would happen if every pot smoker turned to alternative legal weed instead. Would the popularity of legal buds catch the attention of the authorities?

Probably not. The biggest problem with the illegalization of weed is that it is very difficult to get something that is illegal turned over. It’s just another case of government and politics running into our lives again. I could just imagine the day when they try to outlaw cigarettes. On the other hand, maybe we could get our country out of the hole it’s in by legalizing marijuana and paying the same tax on it that cigarettes charge.

If that day should ever come I think it’s a long way off. There is more damage caused by cigarette smoke than there is through legal alternatives to marijuana. The alternatives are effective, and fortunately they are easy to obtain just as they are easy to retain. With no threat of a legal alternative to weed movement on the horizon it looks like we get to maintain our lifestyle without issue.

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