Smoking Marijuana, Is It Dangerous?

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Is smoking marijuana dangerous? There is no black and white factual answer to that question. Smoking anything isn’t particularly great for the lungs and of course this can have some unpleasant side effects. Marijuana doesn’t have the same effect on everyone and thus it can not be ruled dangerous or not dangerous across the board.

marijuanagirlredI’ve known some people that feel nothing more than relaxed and can perform normal every day functions without incident. I have known others who become the entertainment of the day until they eat themselves silly and pass out in the nearest convenient space. There are conflicting studies regarding how chronic pot use may affect the brain. Many of these studies suggest that the brain loses cells every time you light up. Some studies suggest that this is not true.

What makes smoking marijuana dangerous is our behavior when we feel intoxicated, the potential legal ramifications, and the potential for job loss and addiction. Addiction is a key question. You can become addicted to pot just as easily as you can become addicted to other things such as antidepressant medication or even nasal spray.

Not everyone who smokes marijuana regularly becomes addicted. Some people become addicted within their first several times. In theory, if you believe that you absolutely need your pot to function, then you would be considered to be an addict. If you can put it down and pick it up at will, then you are simply making a choice and are not necessarily an addict. The term “pot addict” is open to interpretation.

There are many factors regarding marijuana that makes it difficult to determine whether or not marijuana is dangerous. Some people use it for medicinal purposes, which may have side effects that are not really any more dangerous than the potential side effects from any other medication.

Some people use it as a form of self medication for depression or anxiety. Every year, hundreds of people die from the side effects related to taking prescription medication for these conditions. Pain medication, which can also be replaced with marijuana, has highly addictive and potentially dangerous side effects as well. So what makes smoking pot any less or more dangerous than these legal remedies? My guess would be money. Drug companies make a fortune prescribing medications while they make nothing from the naturally growing plant that you can cultivate in your own home.

Marijuana can be dangerous if mixed with alcohol, just like many legal medications. Marijuana can be dangerous if you get behind the wheel of a car without your faculties, just like other legal medications. And yes, marijuana can be dangerous over a period of time when it comes to the condition of your lungs, just like smoking legal cigarettes.

I truly believe that it all comes down not only to personal choice, but the way we respond to the effects of smoking pot. Of course, if we legalized it, the government would figure out how to tax it, make it less potent, and make it more addictive the same way they have with tobacco products.

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