Side Effects Of Quitting Marijuana

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Quitting Marijuana Side Effects

Marijuana addiction involves anti-social behavior of the suffered individuals. The marijuana addicts suffer to achieve any of their social activities. This will lead to disturbed relationships. In addition, the addiction may cause infertility, lung problems, respiratory complaints, and memory loss.

Considering these life-threatening effects of marijuana, the individuals must quit marijuana; however, quitting marijuana is not a simple task. It requires a comprehensive detoxifying treatment. If anyone suddenly quit using marijuana, it may lead to serious quitting marijuana side effects.

Many rehabilitation and drug detoxifying centers are there all over the world to help marijuana addicts to prevent them from the drug abuse and the disastrous effects caused by the drugs. When the affected individuals undergo the detoxifying process, they confront various mental and physical challenges. They will face many quitting marijuana side effects, which are also known as withdrawal symptoms. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, nightmares, and restlessness. Usually, the withdrawal symptoms appear when the individuals suddenly stop using the drug. Therefore, to keep these symptoms under control, the rehabilitation and drug detoxifying centers follow a step-by-step process.

  • Anxiety and restlessness are few of the common quitting marijuana side effects. The affected individuals feel awful anxiety and restlessness. This makes them crave to take marijuana, which leads to anxiety.
  • Insomnia is a common withdrawal symptom that the affected individuals feel when they are under the detoxification treatment. Even after the treatment is over, insomnia may continue for the next few days until the body adjusts to normal sleep pattern.
  • Loss of appetite is another common quitting marijuana side effect that affects the individuals during the initial stage of stopping the habit. However, it does not last longer; they become normal after a couple of days.
  • Nightmare is another common symptom encountered with marijuana addicts. This is associated with restless sleep and freaky dreams.


Many marijuana detoxification kits are available in the market, which are very useful in the process of detoxification. Various researches are being carried out all over the world on drug abuse and related medications. The drug rehabilitation centers play major role in treating marijuana addicts. Above all, the friends and the members of the family of the affected individuals must support them with utmost care during detoxification. This will prevent your loved ones from quitting marijuana side effects.


Guest Contributor: Peter Hill is a human resources specialist and an expert in helping people change their habits. He runs an informational website that provides tips, audio and stories to help people quit marijuana without side effects naturally and easily, without cravings or discomfort. To take advantage of this cool stuff and more make sure to check out Peter’s site Quitting Marijuana Side Effects

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  1. John says:

    This article is so full of shit. IΒ΄ve smoked weed for over 20 years, and growing up in S.California, I had lots of it. I used to get stay stoned all day, period. I drove more miles/km than a lot of 80 year olds did in their lifetime, while stoned, 0 accidents. I used to say that IΒ΄ll be smoking it even when I become an old man, rocking in my chair. But after more than 20 years, it just kind of got old and I got tired of it. So I quit it. Just like that, no addiction. Never missed it, never craved it. Addiction is a funny thing. You can become addicted to anything, and a mental addiction is a very strong one. Just because you like it. But IΒ΄ve always did say it that itΒ΄s not for everyone. And this is my take on it, speaking from life experience and not some story published by some asshole or the governments.

  2. John says:

    Oh I wonder if my comment will be published, or only the ones agreeing with your views on this issue. Are you sponsored by any of the interest groups?

  3. Smoke Bloke says:

    Hey John! No residual paranoia then?

    It’s an article from a ‘guest’ contributor who doesn’t agree with the premise of this blog that smoking weed is harmless. Doesn’t mean he can’t say what he thinks, same as you!

  4. Tim Fowler says:

    Great site. Its refreshing to see that not everyone is mindlessly following the herd on issues of marijuana.

  5. frank says:

    I’m finding it difficult to quit. namely because my side effects seem to be an out of control temper…so cold turykey is too unpleasant for me and everyone around…

  6. ste777 says:

    Hi people,,, im 42, ive been smoking weed since i was 14 off and on. Because of the high price due to its legal status in uk i started growing. This meant i had as much i wanted. At the same time about 18 months ago my work slowed so this gave me all day to smoke pure three skinners (i quit tobacco 2 years ago) I got up in the morning and couldnt wait to roll my first spliff. Its been 10 days for me now without and i feel good. Nothing made me stop. Im quite a wealthy lad and still have the rooms i used for growing there ready if i want but i dont want,,,,I think its like the mirror of forgetfulness in harry potter, you can spend your life stiring into it , you wont be unhappy but you wont be living either, basicaly its not enough for me ,,, i say there is more to life than 1 plant, theres a whole world out there,,,,,its funny because the goverment will say that its bad for us like they care, whilst at the same time murdering innocent women and children in iraq,,,they obviously dont care for us,,,, so there must be some other reason for its illegality, what is that reason? well when i was growing i didnt spend a penny on it. if it wasnt for the law people would just grow it if they wanted it and not grow when they wanted to stop, it just wouldnt be an issue in our society anymore, no more than someone growing lavender or other medicinal herbs ,,,look at the way its pushed in popular culture through music and film. Do you think dr dre videos would be shown on MTV if the few owners of the networks disagreed with it. There is no working class mr big behind it all ,,,,the law on drugs is just another way for the men in power to cream off you and fuck u up. With masonic pigs always there to enforce there masters laws,,, i just wanted to let you know guys even if youve got an endless supply at your fingertips for free its still no life for you, so dont be fustrated, be strong, cause theres a fight you have to win,,, an for you young ones, it hasnt always been like this. there was a time not too long ago when there were no illegal drugs to speak of on our streets,,, they are pushed to harm and to control,,,weve always known this deep down havent we,,,keep it LOVE

  7. Ivana Quitta says:

    I have been smoking weed since i was 16 and now i am 26 and quit cold turkey. I decided to give myself a break just because. However, I am not very pleasant to be around at the moment. It has been 3 days and it sucks! help me please!

  8. Pot-ed-Paul says:

    im 24 years old i live in manchester england i been smoking weed on a daily basis since i was 14, i blown thousands of pounds on it i used to get it on tick off a lad and by the end of the week id owe him more than what i was getting paid. i have numerous people who will drop it off at my front door (they act pally but i know they just want the 20 pound note thats being hidden in my hand). i decided to quit for sure yesterday and have tried several times in the past with me lasting 3 days tops without any smoke however the thing i find the hardest is going sleep at night. i will feel tired before i get to bed however as soon as i hit my matress a lightbulb goes off in my head and im wide awake and tossing and turning all night. before i started smokin weed i was a very active teenager i used to play roller hockey Manchester i loved to hang out with mates on the corner (not smoking) and i used to find it so easy to go up to people i didnt know and conversate with them, now i can not even look someone in the eye that i know without stuttering and coming across all hot and flustered, i feel like my personality has died, i know its my own fault but i really want to get back to my old self!!! please reassure me this will happen as long as i stay strong and leave my green criptonite alone

  9. diesel says:

    Ive been smoking on and off for 22 years……i just recently quit…..after reading about the withdrawal symptoms….my symptoms are common….here is a list…..

    1. Diarrhea
    2. Unable to sleep
    3. Loss of weight…
    4. I wake up all sweaty like i just took a shower, my bed sheets are soaked..
    5. I do regularly exercise….and noticed that my workouts are more intense now…
    6. I do have a diet that i follow for working out and my diet has stayed the same..
    7. Ive noticed that i do have to keep busy all the time to get my mind off of smoking…
    and i am much more productive now…..

    I hope this helps some people….good luck everyone

  10. george singer says:

    i am 16 years old n i hav smoked weed for abowt a year now doing it everyday and heavily for abowt 6 mouths but have recently quit i hav noticed tht i hav started to hav reli weird dreeams also woke up sweating with my bed sheets drentched also having diarrhea all i want to no is this normal ??

  11. Marlie says:

    I am an old smoker who has been doing this for 3 years daily. Needed to get off, so its day 15. Not feeling really well, sweats, nightmares, crying, mood swings. My question is how long is this going to take to get the pot out of my system?

  12. gan ja says:

    i am 31, smoked weed since age 15 quite heavily/daily. Ive recently quit after about a 9 month stretch and ive had major withdrawal, basically like psychosis, totally irritable, crying. Im on about day 4-5 and its getting easier so if like me you are looking up this stuff because your having withdrawal then trust your not the only one despite what your cocky mates or whoever might say. You do get withdrawal from this and its not just real life being shit because youve not had a spliff. Ive been through this a few times and its nasty. But after a week or so its all back to normal so hang in there. Chances are if your anything like me then supply of good stuff is hard to come – consistently at least. and its getting more expensive so it makes a lot of sense to try and quit for those reasons alone. Im going to try live without it, after a week or so im sure it will be fine. My advice would be dont give in to the thoughts that come that make you think youve got to change everything, and theres no need really to clean the whole flat/house and organise all your stuff πŸ™‚ it just feels that way at first and it passes, so just tough it out.

  13. Joey says:

    Lol i feel great i eat breakfest lunch dinner i never did gain 10 pounds but just one problem 25 nightmares a night its been 14 days why do i still have them ?

  14. oilkings250 says:

    i smoked weed 7 years pretty hardcore then quit cold turkey had horriblle nightmares for about just over 2 weeks they do go away for the other side effects what i found worked the best was i hung out with people that dont smoke pot which worked the best. But after a month pot free i honestly can say i feel much better physically and mentally i am also way more responsible honestly the best thing i ever done.

  15. Kim says:

    This has really helped me alot to understand and see that I am not the only one struggling with this addiction. I am trying to quit but not sure I really want to cause after one day, I feel like I have to smoke to FEEL better. I can’t eat without smoking and am very cranky when I don’t smoke. Glad to see that it only lasts about a week.

  16. Uniquefreshoriginal says:

    I have smoked weed for over ten years up to 8 times a day. I recently decided to quit for various reasons. Research on quitting weed is really helpful in the process because as I find out more I accept the fact it is a habit. Prior to quitting people would say I should but I thought to myself who are they to suggest that? The thing is they are right! I can’t smoke weed and do everything I want to do at the same time. When I smoke weed I am less motivated to stay busy and productive. Sucks to think I spent over 10 years of my life doing the same thing everyday. Wake up smoke eat bullshit smoke eat bullshit some more smoke then eat and then smoke a little more and then sleep. I know my life would have been different had I never smoked weed. In ten years I must of spent at least 30 thousand dollars buying lighters blunts and weed! I tried selling it to smoke for free but got arrested. Getting a job from that point was difficult with out drug screens. The problem with weed is when people know you smoke they tend to treat you different than they would had they not known. I am starting to have lucid dreams and for some reason all of my pot head friends are suddenly calling me up to smoke! When I was looking for someone to smoke with me I couldn’t find them but now they are everywhere. Almost as if they was sent to make sure I smoke. smh. Smoking weed has become a norm in my life and I hear the people I piss off saying I should or need to smoke. When you are smoking people say quit but when you attempt to quit everyone tries to get you to smoke. It’s hard to just quit cold turkey but I am ready to end this career and start a new one. This career although very relaxing is very expensive and over rated. Smoking weed is not important and even though it does serve medical purposes it also creates a need for the drug. Exercise is the best thing you can do to quit and I suggest walking until your ready to jog then running when you are ready to sweat out the thc. Stay away from people who do smoke for the first few weeks but don’t be a jerk. Just tell them you are giving it up. When you hang out with them again(if) you will notice how it affects their lives and hopefully if you resist temptation you will be more proud of yourself. For now you are here to gain more knowledge about weeds effects and trying to quit. Good luck and enjoy the great life when you decide to quit doing the same thing that will always get you no where fast. After 10 years I can honestly say smoking weed is not going to get you anywhere.

  17. James says:

    its all in moderation people :)….. I am also in the middle of quitting, this is day 7 for me.. The first time i tried quitting last month i had diaherreah,cold sweats,irritable,headaches,would feel tired and go to bed but still couldnt sleep, i know that doesnt make sense.. i look at weed like alcohol and people who drink. I got friends who have to drink beer everyday, some just do it on weekends and others on special occasions. I think with weed i’ll never quit forever but if i wanna smoke a blunt or bowl on a special occasion , birthday,superbowl,xmas, ect. Although smoking weed has alot of negatives, i must say I have had some of the best ideas and actually got in to a great career because of it.. I have been smoking since age 21 and i am 27 right now.. Ibelieve when I get in to my 30’s i’ll be done with smoking completely and i may try baked goods instead to help save my lungs and hopefully it wont have the same effects… I have a grandfather in jamaica who sips weed tea every morning and thats it…. writing this paragraph has helped me with my recovery πŸ™‚ gluck friends

  18. Indianmonk says:

    I smoked weed regularly for more than four years and tobacco for more than 10. I have quit smoking tobacco four months ago, completely. Now is the time to get off weed. I did tried last year and was successful for five weeks, but started again once I smoked in a party and couldn’t stop smoking all year long. I was a heavy pot smoker, at least half a zip a week (no kidding). I smoked so often that I stopped rolling it, straight from the pipe or bong at least 7 – 12 bowls a day. Lately even A grade weed won’t even make me high or just last a few minutes. Finally I decided to take a break again. Its been three days I didn’t smoke at all. I am feeling great except loss of appetite, a bit of insomnia and sweat at nite. This time I am done smoking for good.

  19. WomenWorth says:

    So i been smoking weed for over 8 years now. I got this awful habit from my peers. Well I’m turning 26 on July 1st and honestly I think im done wasting my young years as a lazy pot head. See all my friends smoke weed and it has been so tough separating myself from them and our life style. I even moved 5o miles away from that enviorment, and still found myself sucked into smokeing weed. I lacked the ability to fight the monkey on my back and just found it in my new town. I blamed this on myself and the fact that I knew little to no people in my new town. Well I’m determine to fight this gorilla holding me down!!!!!!!!!!! I hear the side effects are tough i need to find a support system. The best of luck to all who is ready to fight this war.

  20. Marti~party says:

    So here is the deal, I am a 20 year old female that has been smoking since I was 13. I have been really hardcore into it since Oct of last year. I quit last year from late June tell late Oct for my bike racing and had no problems. This year I finally get myself to quit after losing a race (now3 days sober) and I can’t sleep, can’t get off, cry over EVERYTHING, am just a total c***, and want to hit every one and thing, along with some really nary poop issues. Why is it so hard this time unlike last time and when does it stop? I can already fell my riding getting stronger but shit man I came home from an 11 hour shift and can’t sleep. I even took a vicoden to help and as you can still see I am fully awake and in a really bad mood. Some one help me!!!

  21. Kym says:

    I’m on vacation with family that I haven’t met for various, emotionally draining reasons. I’ve been smoking daily for close to a year and was very anxious about quitting so abruptly for 9 full days with absolutely no access to the drug. I feel light headed and spacey. Terrible nights sleep last night with intense dreams (I haven’t dreamed since I started smoking). Are there any suggestions for the meanwhile? I NEED to be able to focus and feel well on this trip. Oh, also, I smell it on me often… Probably physiological.

  22. Marlie says:

    Hello Kym, T
    he smell is probably on you clothes, if they have not been cleaned. If you are of age, have a glass of wine, or a cold beer. If you can’t do that, try excersing, take long fast walks, or bike rides, or jog. If that is not available,or not something you want to do, well it soon will pass. I have not stopped smoking pot for a very very long time. I am not able to with my new job right now, and it has not been too rough, but when I start craving it in the day if i can I go and workout in the gym, or take my dog for longs walks. In the evening, I have a tall glass of wine, and mellow out on the wine till I get so tired, I go to sleep.
    Good luck, and it will all pass. Let me know how the trip was. Also a sure cure all is pray to God.
    He always listens.

  23. exherbman says:

    hello everyone: i have been a smoker for over 20 years and the last 3 years i was smoking over a oz a week easy or more ,i decided to stop smoking completely as there was no fun in it but became a habit and even the people i was getting the weed of was saying you smoke tooo much ,

    when i stopped the first 2 weeks was horrible for me ,first week i coudnt sleep no matter what i tried then i realised how can i sleep when i have been smoking weed for so long ,the body is detoxing and re adjusting the chemicals in my body it takes a bit of time ,its been 1 month i haven’t touched weed and i am so proud of myself as i feel so much better and clearer in my mind ,my energy levels have increased ,but at first i was so aggresive verbally only not physical !! ,also i would wake up smelling the weed from my sweat under my arm pits etc ,nightmares ,diarrohea etc and i lost alot of pounds which i am pleased at also ,and the only reason i had extra pounds was due to the munchies i had when i did smoke eating 3 big macs in 15mins!! or eating a packet of haribo’s and cakes etc ,,anything super sweet i usedt to eat ,didnt care of the price i would pay today of abusing the weed, .. once you allow the weed to overtake you then your in trouble ,it wont kill you but it can alter how you think and feel and when you are a smoker like i was you will say how can i live without it ,would be so boring etc ,but when you stop and use some will power to keep of it and alloy the body to clear up and repair itself as its detoxing you will realised natures way is best way ,,i am on a diet and i train etc ,thus i feel so much better as time goes by ,,,its been over just over 1 month and i can still smell cannabis from the sweat of my armpits ,,and i realised then i took the piss i abused the lovely herb ,to its limits and again i am 35 yrs old and glad i stopped and will stay of it for as long as i can ,and if i do decide to smoke again i wont be smoking no skunk , and i,m not saying skunk is bad for ya but its very potent stuff and it does take a haul on you when you abuse it like i have ,,makes you feel like crap and its too expensive now ,,1 gram costs more than a gram of 22carat gold!!! so whats the point ??

    to those who want to stop do it!!!! its not as hard as you think ,,,its all about mind control and will power and please dont smoke ciggys like hell once you stop as it will make you feel sick and not good for you at all ,,take it easy and dont stay indoors do things and keep occupied etc .

    drink plenty of clean water and eat fresh salads etc and believe me you will be fine πŸ™‚

  24. joe says:

    so im a high school student been smoking since i was in tenth grade. I started to smoke heavily in 11th after a car accident with a concussion. I must say i had some great memories with this plant but then after getting caught i quit cold turkey. It is not that hard. Your not physically addicted to it its just an awesome thing but i got tired of it and i was going through mood swings and my family noticed it so thats why i quit. But i smoked up again about after a 3month break and it was fun but then i noticed it really wasn’t worth it and coudlnt even believe i smoked almost every day. SO i quit again and im possible smoking every one in a while . For those folks smoking for YEARS and feeling withdrawl its obvious why. ITs been a routine in their life and just taking it out cold turkey wont cut it. i suggest cutting down

  25. callax says:

    I am on day 3 of quitting after 6 years. sleeping has been the biggest hurdle. I worry about not getting enough sleep, i can’t fall asleep and if i finally do i only get 2-3 hours a day. what i know is you can’t do it alone, you need support whether it be family, friends or just a phone call to a support line. It will help. Sleep will come in time i know, i just have to keep control of my mind and wait it out and soon enough i will be healthy once again. I have tried natural sleeping remidies and restavit tablets but they do nothing. Just believe in yourself and dont let it get the better of you. Its very very hard but stay focused and it will be all over soon. A LITTLE PAIN FOR A HUGE GAIN.

  26. Natalie says:

    I am a 22 year old female and was a chronic user since the age of 15. On average i would smoke 20 bowls a day and that WAS the good stuff! How sad is that …My whole day consisted of getting up wake and baken then eating breakfast smoking until lunch and so on.. I found myself getting a medical card just so i could “legally” smoke. Then started selling so i wouldn’t pay for it. It was just a giant headache for me. I had to stop everything i was doing if i would get a call or need to go all the way across town for 30 dollars. Maybe some of you can relate but that was about the time i realized i wasn’t really profiting at all . I found relationships with long time friends crumbling due to money they owed and just taking advantage of my kindness. One day i just decided i really wanted to quit so i tried it one last time and got the worst headache and realized that was it! I’ve been clean almost a month which is a lonngg time for me and life couldn’t be better! The saddest part for me was changing all my friends because i realized they weren’t my true friends…true friends will be happy for you and not criticize! anyways to everyone having a hard time trust me please life will get a million times better ..DO NOT surround yourself with anything to do with weed or it will be quite hard to stop…! Thats what i recommend….? Good luck!

  27. Kristina says:

    really liked reading that. As I am on my third day with no weed. I wrote down a list of the pros n cons to smoking weed and of course the pros outweigh the cons.just is hard to actually get through the quitting process.

  28. andre aka jamaine says:

    hi guys,im jamaine and live in the uk,ive smoke weed for 16 years daily,ive just came across this website and have read all you comments,which has sort of put my mind to ease to know that everyone is basically experiencing the same symptons,i didnt have no intentions to stop smoking weed until one night i had a major panick/anxiety attack and had to be admitted to hospital well this event totally changed my mind about smokig weed,from that day ive not smoked 1 joint as it scared the shit out of me πŸ˜‰ since ive stopped ive had allsorts of side effects/symptons which include the most weird dreams/mightmares,anxiety and panick,not reguarly going the the toilet,sudden sweats,etc etc,ive not smoked a anything for 8-9 weeks now,during this time i have basically shut myself of to the world,i stayed in the house and tried my best to avoid friends etc because i would always have panick attacks etc,anyways im now realising that it is mostly psychological and in my head,i have been to hospital and doctors several times and they have told me that i am surprisingly healthy for a lad that has smoke it for the last 16 years,they done heart scans,chest xrays,blood tests and everything came back clear,i am due to start some 1 on 1 therapy sessions which im sure will help me as i have loads of other things on my mind,i have also noticed that when im not just staying in the house and getting out and about alot more it helps as you dont think about things that are going to happen to you etc,it helps to even just go out shopping,pick my children up from school and have now joined the gym and taking up swimming etc,dont get me wrong i still cant sleep properly and have the most weirdest of dreams but have read up on this aswell,everytime i go to bed i put a movie on as sometimes it helps me to fall asleep (this also helped with my anxiety and panick attacks) but i read this is not the way to overcome the insomnia problems,somepeople say read a boook while other people say listen to therapeutical music or hypnosis cd’s,i havent tried any of them yet?well anyways i seem to sleep the best when i know i have my wife with me πŸ˜‰ yes sex really helps me shut down and helps me sleep well πŸ˜‰ strange i know but thst how it is lol it doesnt solve all my problems but helps with the sleeping thing,its all a slow process but it can only get better,KEEP YOUR MINDS OCCUPIED WITH SOMETHING,GET OUT AND ABOUT,TAKE UP NEW HOBBIES,FOCUS YOUR MINDS ON EXCERCSISING AS THAT WILL HELP YOUS INTO REGULAR SLEEPING PATTERNS ETC,all this might be a big jumble to most people but its the best i could do as im not of clear mind myself yet lol i hope yous all do well and get your problem sorted as i know myself it is not nice at all to go through what we are…16 years ive used weed sociably and to block out problems i had,well its now time to find myself again and sort it out πŸ˜‰ my wife and children are what keep me strong and close family,most of my friends all still smoke it infront of me but it doesnt bother me at all,they will quit whent they want to πŸ˜‰ BUT AS FOR ME IVE HAD MY SMOKING YEARS AND NOW ITS TIME TO CONCENTRATE ON THE REST OF MY LIFE AND LIVE HEALTHY…PEACE OUT πŸ˜‰ TAKE IT EASY AND BE STRONG πŸ˜‰

  29. jeff says:

    quit many times in my 49 years. smoked weed since 15. quit from age 30 to 45 and started again. quit again and stated now twice in 4 years. this is the last time!! have severe stomach pains for the last ten days and was off my regular bowel movements. When smoking i shit all the time and ate like a fucken pig.

    I had diareaha today for the first time. getting the weird dreams again. I have 8 plants growing out the back that my friends will benefit from. just looking at age 50 and want to get the fuck out of this circle of smoke one at noon and smoke one at 6. it was fun for a while but now it just seems to have a hold on me and i dont like it.

    i am not able to just smoke on occasion so i will have to do like i did for the 15 year stint…..just not smoke anything.

    good luck to you all and there is withdrawl and it does suck. the weed in the 70’s was nothing like what i can grow in my own backyard now. it is just to easy and just to much for my soon to be 50 year old body!


  30. Non Toker says:

    Hi guys .. what a great site. the best i have found.I have been a regular smoker for over 20 years now, smoking solid years ago, like bongs and hot knives every day with my mates, and stuffing munchies.. at the time it was fun. then the skunk came along and have been smoking that everyday, same time same place..mostly alone and always said to myself i would never give it up because i loved it so much, i loved listening to music and feeling dopey and silly .. but the last few years after alot of shit things that have happened in my life, i have been suffering bad anxiety and paranoia and restlesness. So 2 weeks ago i just woke up and thought this is it NO MORE.. its messing with my head, cant afford it, hard to find it .. and for those reasons im out. The first week was easy but this second week i am having niggly headaches, been irritable, aggresive and having lucid dreams.. loss of appetite. And just plain not happy with my self and the reality that is. But the plus side is i have more motivation and the simplest of things like going to the shops i just get up and do.. WEED has stopped me doing loads of things like making important calls, i would just put everything off and be unreliable with friends and to myself.(im to stoned to do anything) And im not getting any younger. My advice to anyone who likes to get stoned is that the odd smoke at a party or some occasion is fine. but if you get into a habit of everyday smoking, you will suffer long term, no doubt about that. As they say everything in moderation. I think it will take me a good 3 months to get to a happy medium.. I will write back to this blog to update my progress. I hope my post will help people as the posts i have read have really helped me. Thank you

  31. bart simpson says:

    I quit 3 weeks ago. I ve had weird dreams and feel all out of sorts. I smoked regularity for years. I am just going to say the hell with it and bull though any symptoms I have . I know it will pass. I look at it like a competitor. I will not let the little green guy win . Period. It will take time to get back to normal and I will wait it out.

  32. trying to quit says:

    Was reading all your posts and really helped me to relate to someone. I am 21 and have been smoking nonstop for over 5 years. I have had close friends that were dealing throughout my time smoking so basically had free med grade weed anytime I wanted to get high. I was smoking over an 8th a day and finally realized how many things I have been putting off and how lazy I have become. I am a full time college student and my semesters at school were slowly declining in performance until this semester where I have missed so many classes I have gotten dropped from two and am on the verge of getting kicked from the other ones (and yes all the times I had missed were because I was high or hanging out with friends about to blaze). I am having a very bittering awakening to how things are at this current moment. I did not think weed could put me in such a big rut so quietly and always viewed it as healthy without realizing the negative effects it uprises from your lifestyle and not the herb itself. I started my detox 2 days ago and the most annoying thing I have been coping with is the insomnia and how my head feels really clouded. Thanks for sharing everyone and good luck to all who are trying to quit.

  33. sweetmarie says:

    I’m now on my 5th day of not smoking. I find myself crying and feeling sad because i think i lost 10yrs of my life because my excessive smoking. I’ve struggled with jobs and just getting my life together this whole time. I’m 40yrs old and have lost friends and a lot of different things because of smoking. I’ve wanted to quit for so long and due to not having access to pot for the past few days i decided it was the right time to quit. I’ve had problems with focus, concentration and memory but tried to find all sorts of ways to overcome and work around these things. I thought i was winning but clearly I was not. I’m afraid of all the symptoms and hope they don’t last long. Sleep has always been an issue for me and now it’s even worst. I have so much clarity now in terms of how much i’m missing out in life and that’s the driving force behind me staying pot free. I hope i can continue..i sort of have no choice

  34. P Luvli ex smoker says:

    Hey, im 40 and was smoking for 13 yrs straight. I woke up one day and had enough and quit. Its almost been a month now, and besides a lil aggression and sleep problems for only 2 days maybe ive had no problems quitting except i CANNOT have a bowel movement without Miralax!! I used to have BM everyday when i smoked and now i cant! Ive heard this has nothing to do with me quitting and thats b.s!!! When i wouldn’t have any, or when i tried to quit, the same thing happened and soon as i would smoke, i would go with no problem! Can someone PLEASE help me and tell me is this normal, and how long will it take to get regular again???

  35. DWitt says:

    Exactly the withdrawl systoms I am having after smoking weed for 20 years. They last about a week. Dreams may continue for awhile, but the sweats and diareaha do stop. Hang in there! Good luck!

  36. the DJ says:

    I’ve been smoking heavy, very heavy for probably about 5 years straight now never going more then two days without burning one or ten down a day. I am 22 years old, I live on my own, I work a full time job (I smoke at work as well), and I also DJ 2-4 times a week either at a nightclub or private parties. I am extremely pro pot, I attend rallies, I follow the politics and I am fairly open about my habit. I LOVE POT, but I do notice how lazy it makes me. I never had a problem getting done what had to be done, but going the extra distance to excel has become a bit of a problem. So I’ve decided to take a few weeks off. I am on day 4 of quitting pot cold turkey. Being a DJ I tend to drink 2-3 times a week as well which I am also stopping. Day one I was very irritable and cranky, I had some trouble sleeping but I took a melatonin pill and it put me right out. That night I did have some disturbing dreams but that could have been from anything, I am a grown man and I know how to handle nightmares at this point in my life. Day 2 still a little on edge, fell asleep easier, day 3 feeling pretty normal, a little cranky at night i believe that is because that is when I would smoke the most. Day 4 I am feeling wonderful accomplishing tasks I was too lazy to do while stoned (ie organizing thousands of songs). I believe moderation is key, too much of anything is bad for you. It feels good to take a break and get things in order. I do believe i will smoke again, but right now I have no urge or cravings. I am a little chubby and do question my diet at times. I do get frequent heartburn but since i stopped smoking I haven’t seemed to get any heartburn, but that could also be due to cutting back on the munchy snacks. Overall I feel great, I enjoy smoking but right now theres no cravings, I have more important things to focus on right now that are more important then smoking marijuana. If you can’t find balance in your life your not going to be successful, pot or no pot. Enjoy & Legalize =)

  37. Im.A.Revolutionary says:

    I thank all of you for coming on here and being honest, and sharing your stories. I haven’t been smoking nearly as long as most of you have, but i have felt the minor effects of, my life slowing down while on smoking. Since i could stop at anytime, I use to tell myself i wasn’t addicted to it (which is was). It took me too long to realize i need to stop smoking and get myself back to where i used to be. Like everyone else, i use to love going out and doing things, seeing different things, exercising, meeting new people, etc. and weed really has slowed that down. Im 23, and from reading everyones sincere words, IM STOPPING TODAY. I’ve been contemplating for a while now, and it has just turned into pure procrastination. This is one thing that i won’t ignore any longer. You hear people say all the time, “its better than alcohol”, “its not addictive”, “it doesn’t kill you” but it really does do all those things. It doesn’t kill you physical, but it kills your personality. What every person wrote on here was beautiful, and i hope you succeed in the mission that you have already taken on. I thank you all for giving me the courage to stop. Live happy and fight to be truly free everyday.

  38. E says:

    Hello everyone. I smoked that grass for about 8 years on and off… adding it all up I would say about 5 years continuously. I’m proud to say, after smoking the best green on earth 5 times a day every day for that long, I havent even been in the same room as it in almost 9 months now. I got sick of the way I was living… my life revolved around pot. It’s funny, while youre smoking it non stop its hard to imagine your life without it but in hindsight, its even harder to imagine your life with it. It takes alot of strength to say no, fuck you weed, but once you find that strength run with it and never look back. The first week is the hardest but then you gradually start to think more clearly and the fogginess dissipates. Its all about giving yourself time away from it to be able to make better decisions. Your judgement will always be clouded if you allow yourself to be around it. If you want to change you can. This time last year I never thought I’d be waiting 3 more months to say its been a year since I smoked pot, but here I am. Because I wanted that change. I’m no different than any of you. We all have the same will power. Just have to make that first step and be determined about it. My advice is to quit during the right time of year. I never thought in my life I’d go a full summer without it, but it was the easiest way. Theres so much to do in the summer its easier to stay away from it, rather than say the winter when youre inside alot more often. By the time the winter comes and its been over a half of year, you wont even want to because youve come so far. If youre serious about wanting to change things in your life for the better, it all starts with qutting weed, good things follow. Just be aware of the fact that once you do quit, its for good. Dont even think in terms of “im sure ill take a whack here and there sometimes”… it will NEVER work. The cycle will continue I promise. Find different ways to spend your time. The very first step you need to take in your life is to cut out all of the things that have anything to do with marijuana. In my opinion, a good first step is to change your number and only give your new number to the people in your life that have nothing to do with pot. If you delete your dealer contacts theyll just eventually call you when they need money so change your number all together. If youre thinking about quitting, just do it. It wont be as hard as you think. Its all in your head.

  39. Mark says:

    I quit 10 days ago and today I am feeling terrible. My hands won’t stop shaking and my neck and jaw are killing me. Mood swings not so much. Anxiety yes. Hunger still there. As my girlfriend never knew I smoked everyday it is hard to deal with the symptoms. I can’t focus my eyes and am very dizzy. Is this normal??

  40. Mandy says:

    I’m 23 years old and have been smoking pot heavily since I was 17. I have isolated myself in every way from my friends and family and my health is suffering as well. Im now on my 8th day of quitting and I’m feeling really down. I can’t be bothered to do anything and I have lost my sence of self completely. I don’t know what makes me feel good as pot was my way of relaxing and having fun. My partner is the same and he is also quitting and I’m terrified that we are not going to be able to figure out how to spend time together as all we did together was smoke. I know that weed is the reason my life has fallen apart, and reading all these comments have made me feel slightly better because I really thought I was a big loser and alone. All I do is fantasize about a healthier more confident me, I hope one day this will be a reality. I will try the suggestions people have put up and I thank people for sharing.

  41. CJ says:

    Alright, so here is my story. I really hope that those of you who are having trouble SLEEPING read this because it WILL help you.

    I just got a new job and needed to stop for their drug test. I had been smoking fairly heavily for about a year or so (old job didn’t care) and had to make that “tough transition” to no more pot. The first day was awful, and I took some vicodin and soma (muscle relaxers) to take the edge off. I was also consuming quite a bit of alcohol (which I NEVER did while smoking). I would always smoke at night so when dusk finally rolled around I would feel unbelievably anxious and irritated. The first few nights as I mentioned before were undoubtedly terrrible; but no crazy dreams or anything, just really hard to actually fall asleep.

    After about three days of this I started questioning why exactly I felt so out of it; I started doing a little bitnof introspection and found that the only reason I felt the way I did was not because I physically “missed” the feeling of being high, but because I was constantly telling myself that things weren’t as “fun” or “good” when I wasn’t high. Take a moment to really THINK about what I am saying; when you get high do you constantly fear coming down from your high? Do you even really attribute anything physical to the experience as a whole? No, because once your “there” everything else seems to somewhat fade away right? So, when your not “there” you constantly think about how much better it would be if you were. If you can come to understand that “there” IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE; and that “it” will be waiting for you with open arms if ever/ when ever you decide to return, you will realize you were obsessing over nothing… Yes, over NOTHING. Pot doesn’t actually DO anything to you/ for you other than what you ALLOW it to do. Some people HATE pot, because they feel extremely paranoid and uncomfortable when they go to “that place”. It took me a good 4 months to not constantly freak out after smoking, and the only reason I persisted is because I felt it had something more to offer me. If you look at your situation as being forced upon you then you will never feel netter, “it” will never get better. But if you look at the situation from a subjective standpoint you will realize that there is nothing TO get better, it is what it is.


    As for this I will concur that yes; I too have experienced very odd/ vivid dreams after about 3 or 4 days since quitting. I am now 3 weeks in and they have begun to lessen in their intensity but still they seem to be quite weird nonetheless. The thing is though; I have ALWAYS had strange dreams long before I came in contact with any drug, so I suppose I was not as put off as others seem to be. However, last night was the 7th day in a row that I had one of these dreams and before I fully fell asleep I decided to try and see if I could manipulate the dream (since I was fairly sure it would happen again) by thinking about something specific. Now, I have never had a “lucid dream” so I am suggesting s method for this; but I will say that having one specific topic in my mind and allowing my subconscious to merinade with it until I lost consciousness seemed to actually work. When I woke up I actually thought I didn’t even have a dream, but after a few minutes I realized I did indeed have one and it had something to do with what I was thinking about before I went to sleep. HOWEVER for those of you having nightmares here is a tip for you specifically;

    Think about the last nightmare you had. Delve into it as deeply as possible. Think about why the circumstances within it made you uncomfortable and try to regain (yes REGAIN) that uncomfortable feeling. Now, before you go to bed the next time imagine that same scenario but allow for yourself to mock it in some way. If you consciously seek out that fear I can promise you it will not manifest within your dream state. This is because if it were to indeed still happen, you would also manifest whatever odd or silly mockery you associated with it; and from there it no longer is able to hold the same “power” over you. It’s not easy, and if youre not willing to try because you assume I’m just talking s@&t, then of course it womt work! Believe in the power of YOUR mind, not me. Either way, best of luck to you all.

  42. Jan says:

    Just read all the stories and want to say fair play to u all.Im a 35yr old female and have smoked weed heavily since i was 18,i am happy to say its been 3 days since my last joint,the stomach cramps have kicked in loss of appetite,and the mad dreams.just keep telling myself things can only get better!Cant sleep at nite twisting turning and the dreaded sweats,but in saying that im waking up alot fresher in myself.More motivation in all i do,we can all do it if we want,all we need is the will power and you relly must want to give up.Best of luck to everyone.WE WILL BEAT THIS GREEN MONSTER!!!!

  43. brokebloke says:

    Daddy to be anyday now………I always said id quit when I had a kid……..I’m 42 and have been burning for over 15 years……..I smoke all day and hit it hard……..spend bout $440 per month now,,,,double that in the past as a single dude. I sneak around and lie all day to everybody……….my relationship is screwed up cause of my stoner lifestyle…….I spent more time being a stoner then I did with my preg wife over the last 9 months…..I’ve become pathetic…all in the name of a buzz….so I I have a few bowls left and don’t plan on picking up again…I’ve gone cold for a wk here and there…I’m not worried bout side effects…I’m kinda tough…….reflecting on almost two decades of burning..I’ve been a hall of fame burner……in the real world that has gotten me ummmmmmmm nowhere. Ohh plenty of great stoner times,,,but its also cost me some serious things besides a lot of any way, I’m about to free myself of the stoner baggage…….I need the birth of a child to stop me…..maybe I’m doing it for our son or for my soooo deserving wife….either way both of the above need me at my best,,,and being stoned keeps me far away from myy best,,,,like some one said…….do the pros and cons…and be honest…..don’t give a nice relaxing buzz extra pros points either. : ) writing this is kinda theraputic…I have read almost every word of all the posts…..I feel a connection and can relate to so many of u! God a big part of me is sooooo sick of the stoner baggage….nobody even my wife gets in my car cause I sneak and smoke in it….I have ten bottles and sprays in it…….I’m totally paranoid anout weed…..explaining where over 400 dollars per month goes….planning, plotting and accommadating my habit………burn marks in my car….cause I duck down a smoke below my dash board and often drop ashes….after two months a new cars is so busted……dirty, stinky,,lastly…I’m so irresponsible…I have a decent job somehow. But I procrastinate like a hall of famer, I say ill do it all tomorrow and really never do it…I’m behind in so much,,,I’ve put off reality and now my credit is screwed….I could go on…I choose to smoke and now I’m choosing to stop….I thought stopping with the birth of a child would be cool…turns out I have already done so much damage to my life that this child will be affected by my habit……..not beating myself up…it is where and what it is……..but now its a memory……I wish u all great luck. Peace from long island!

  44. sreneesa says:

    Day 6 and I quit smoking weed. I tried before in the past but couldnt hang due to bad side effects. Doctor told me to be on a rice and chicken broth diet for a few weeks to heal stomach. I had bad stomach issues.

    Now present situation is for the last 8 years Ive been smoking everyday. The first 7 years I smoked an 8th every other day of OG’s and Kush. Nothing but the best; top shelf as we call it in dispensary terms. Im a top 500 weed reviewer on weedmaps. Ive reviewed over 26 dispensaries in orange county, ca. area.

    The last six months I cut down to about 1-2 grams a day of top shelf OGs and Kushes.

    Okay we got the history and its been day 6 and I did notice irritability, anger easily, but Im also on antidepressant meds so that helps. Ive had vivd dreams that were disturbing but not scary. Ive got six hours of sleep in 48 hrs but have always been somewhat of an insomniac. Hotflashes, sweating profusely, no appetite, slight headache, stomach just feels kind of nauseated.

    My eyes are stinging right now from lack of sleep. That might also why I got a slight headache intermittently the last few days.

    For me I feel its going to hit me more than the average based on my grade of weed and how long I smoked period. Before the 8 years, I smoked 1 gram every two days for 4 years.

    And my stomach has always been sensitive as far as things making me gag easily, heartburn, loose stool, and burping, so combined with the weed side effects its going to be a dozy. Also since I already was the type who functioned with little sleep usually 2-3 hrs of uninterrupted sleep. I wake more than not in the middle of the night sometimes a few times because my mind races.

    Anyway, weed kind of calmed me down but definitely made me lazy and not live up to my full potential.

    Im not going to renew my weed license next month and quitting permanently, with maybe the occasional hit if its around. ANd even that probably isnt cool since I noticed when I quit a few times in the past for a few days when I smoked again I tend to get down and ofcourse that passed after the first blunt.

    Anyway, the physical symptoms are definitely real.

  45. sreneesa says:

    One more thing memory is getting better. Before I would forget stuff in mid sentence but that could be also because I talk so much and jump from subject to subject, Im sure weed was the reason or at least a big part.

  46. Scott says:

    If you are trying to quit or sick of the uncomfortable feelings you get when you cant smoke then try Doctor Approved Maritox to curb your cravings.

  47. dadon says:

    hey i am finding my life really hard its not going no where wake up carnt eat nothing go out av a smoke few joints come home eat smoke more up to 20 pounds worth a day bluberry oh haze thc high no job sleeping messed up stay n up all night smokeing weed till 6am n go sleep then from 5pm same routine head messed up feeling scared panic paronoid i did stop it for 4 weeks da lot which my eating boosted up food n protein shakes was my new high were in gym i were happy fresh no dark eyebags spots confident being me for once souber what a feeling but went back on it been smokeing it since i were 15 when i started more a less everyday had weed had a few little breaks but made up 4 em problems with my gf she doesnt understand weed takes over im fed up lost weight carnt do anything be stoned all day lazy at home times going by im just in dreamland dont go out town no where just bout go out to smoke weed from today im not going to av any hope me luck and gona go sauna steam room on weekend n av lots of cranberry juice n thanx everyone u can do it im neva gona look bak 2 weed coz even a drag oh 2 can lead u back to your old routine new start gona get in to a gym routine and start working pass my driveing and keep my gf happy

  48. a.lo says:

    Uffff..trying to quit… itis harder than i tought ,been smoking for 15 yr and is not easy to quit i feel anxious, depressed, nervous, sometimes feel like im going crazy hope i can go trhu this.

  49. d-bo says:

    I’ve been sober for 7 days, my hands get clammy, have massive insomia, my appetite has increased, and the dreams are freak’n horrid… Its all for the best though, you got to have alot of willpower and just believe in yourself and you’ll be straight. Ive smoked weed for the past 16 yrs none stop, but in the end, you can get a better job and live a healthier life and thats what it all about:) Goodluck to those struggling and I feel ya..

  50. PLuvli says:

    Just wanted to post again to say i was a daily smoker from 98-Oct 24 2011, 13yrs and ive been sober almost 4 mos now!!!How did i do it?GOD…if God wouldn’t have stepped in, dont know how i could of done it!!! Best choice in my life!!! The hardest part when i quit was not having bowel movement on my own without tons of Miralax for a MONTH, very scary and uncomfortable, a lil sleeplessness, tons of weird dreams, a lil aggression and all those symptoms were gone by week 1. It was not hard at all, because i asked God to carry me thru it…Now life is a MILLION times better, i can deal with anything, and sooooooo happy!!! No more guilt, no more wasted money, just LIFE…you can do it!!! Trust me if I could, you can!!! It was MY LIFE for 13 yrs and i did it! Just give it to God, or a higher power and it makes it much easier…Just tell yourself, life is gonna get better, because it does, and take it day by day, cut all ties with dealers and users, keep mind occupied, and find a new better life, i did!!! Im finally “awake” after all these years, i missed out on sooooo much that i can’t get back, but atleast i made that change…I dont need any crutches anymore! Like Michael Jackson said “I’m starting with the man in the mirror” and make that change…. :))))

  51. Joey says:

    I’ve been smoking heavy everyday for about 7’months and I’ve been off for 2 and a half weeks and I have anxiety I have really bad anger problems. I’m ony 15 and this sucks I live in California and I don’t feel happy anymore? Anyone wana talk?W

  52. Joey says:

    I’ve been smoking heavy everyday for about 7’months and I’ve been off for 2 and a half weeks and I have anxiety I have really bad anger problems. I’m ony 15 and this sucks I live in California and I don’t feel happy anymore? Anyone wana talk?

  53. Dar says:

    I really thought I was alone on this thanks guys im praying God helps us all I feel like crap i just quit 3 days ago after smoking since I was 11 im now 28 what a waist of my life now im awake sitting here drinking tea hurting so bad some ppl may say its not that serious and laugh but it is my whole body hurts cant sleep im all sweaty then im cold im angry frustrated depressed I feel like I cant breath I have really bad anxiety I dont even wanna smoke I just want this to go away and have a clear mind I feel like I woke up from a nightmare and im 11yrs old again never growing into who I should have been my life feels like a cloud of smoke Im lost and cant see clearly weed I hate u and it suks cuz now days they make bud look all pretty and smelling so bomb but fuck that shitt Lord have mercy help us all I know if we really want to be free frm this we can cuz nothing is impossible with God no matter what imma stay up and not look back only God can judge me peace out .. P.s im gunna pray right now too for everyone on this pg and myself much love! si se puede!

  54. Angel says:

    I am glad I found this site, I have been a daily smoker since I was 16 years old, I have quit many many times and have decided I need to quit again this time for good. I was able to quit for a total of 9mth in the past. I felt strong and in total control of my life, I had a life changing event which brought me back to this addiction.

    I have been sleeping or eating, my nerves are out of control and I have very high anxiety. I did not think it was possible to have adverse withdrawal after quitting cold turkey, but I don’t know any other way to quit, I don’t seem to be able to casually use so cold turkey is the only way for me. I am hoping it is normal to also feel a bit depressed along with all the anxiety – its only been 3days so I am hoping things get better real soon

  55. Angel says:

    Wow other than the baby and wife part you exactly described me. My car smells, it’s a hot mess, I spend the cash I don’t have, I sneak around and go out for my “lunches” hoping when I get back to the office that nobody notices my recent outing. I also have a good job that I am lucky to hold on to not sure how as I am I’ll do that tomorrow person as well.

    Smoking has spiraled me into living two different lives and I am exhausted and need to open a new chapter of my life.

    Thank you all for the posts they are more than helpful in my quitting struggles, as I am having a sweaty hot flash right now πŸ™

  56. Robert says:

    I quit smoking weed after 28 years 10 days ago (Something i thought i could never do) I needed it! or so i thought. My only problem is the side effects and not cravings, the cravings come and go. My side effects are constipation, bad dreams, coughing (but not as bad as when i smoked it) Can’t sleep (I am actually all over the place when it’s time to sleep) I am lucky i have a supportive wife because weed cost me 2 previous relationships and was about to cost me the third. I am 43 and i must say i have freedom away from it as well as more respect from the people in my life that did not do weed

    All i can say is I am more happy with myself and that is what matters! So happy i escaped weed prison! The first week was hard but so worth the pain. Please believe in yourselves and you will see you will have more money to spend on what really matters in life YOUR FAMILY!

  57. sarah says:

    I’m 20 yrs old, i come from a very small town in australia and ALL people do there is smoke weed. My family never did it but i grew up around it with my friends and boyfriend. For 3 years i said no because i knew i wouldnt be able to handle it already suffering from mild depression and anxiety. Finally about 10 months ago i tried it, i loved it, and i soon developed a habbit. i moved in with my boyfriend who had been a smoker on and off for 5 years, and things got bad. i depended on it, i smoked in the morning when i got up, id go to work and then on my lunch break smoke, as soon as i got home id be straight on it untill bed. This had been going on for about 10 months, and over that time i quit my job and started having massive fights with my boyfriend of 4 years and friends and family, i lost 15 kilos and the anxiety and depression i suffered from was twice as bad!! i couldnt eat, i couldnt go to the toilet, i was a friggin mess! About 3 days ago the town was dry and my boyfriend and i were forced to go without for a night, it almost killed us but we made it, the next day i got up and had so much energy i felt AMAZING. so did the bf. we decided to quit cold turkey, i was fine untill the second night, i cant eat, i have the runs, i feel like i wanna vomit every five minutes, i cant sleep, my anxiety lead me to a panic attack yesturday and all i do is cry. I so badly wanna quit i now see how fucked up this had made me, but on only on my 3rd day and im going insane! some of you guys have said the withdrawal effects can go on for weeks? i really hope not cause this is killing me! what can i do to make this easier???? please help!

  58. Robert says:

    Hi Sarah
    I feel your pain trust me! I have been off weed for 15 days now and counting. Considering i smoked for 28 years everyday unless i couldn’t afford it or find it. I can’t sleep or eat. I am constipated and depressed. I am at the point now i am going to go see a doctor. It is not too late for you. It may be too late for me as i feel something bad is going on inside me (re: possible cancer) QUITING WITH A FRIEND OR LOVED ONE IS NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO BECAUSE IF THEY SLIP YOU SLIP. I promise you it’s hard in the beginning but it will get better i have been told. Your body now needs time to adjust to your not smoking anymore. The toxins need to leave your body and in your case may take up to 90 days i have read. The only thing i can say is stay strong. I practice what i am preaching but i am still going to go see a doctor. It’s easy to use the exscuse that maybe smoking again will get your life back in order or feel some what normal but that is the drug tricking your mind into doing it again. Don’t fall for it! Stay strong for everyone that loves you. Your fist step has been taken and now it’s up to you to keep step’n. Try remember you have to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. God bless

  59. pauline says:

    I have smoked canabis for 40yrs, at first not every day, but every day for 30yrs. It used to be hash and good quality, but then the market got flooded with soap bars (a kind of morrocan). This was cut with all sorts of stuff and some times it just didn’t work at all. When the skunk weed came about i began to only smoke that because it did work and was clean (until ‘dirty weed’ came about owing to unscruplus dealers trying to make even more money. Because it is so expensive i started growing my own, which meant i would get through huge amounts.

    I am lucky that i haven’t gone psychotic on such a lot of strong weed, others haven’t been so fortunate. As i type this there is an advert flashing on and off offering ‘leagal herbal bud’! But it is the smoking of it that is the harmful part of canabis use, it causes more tar than tobacco, andcan cause lung cancer and other cancers. It is pissing me off flashing away on my screne. I hate consumerism and capitalism.

    Anyway my point is that after 40 yrs of regular canabis smoking i quit 12 days ago. I just stopped. I also stopped alcohol at the same time and i have been a boozer all my life and I was getting worse, drinking a bottle of wine a night most nights.

    I have not experienced any of the detoxifying effects/withdrawal effects as yet, and feel much better already. I had already quit smoking ciggaretts over 12 yrs ago, and hate the smell of ciggaretts, and never want to smoke it again. I still have a good appetite, i am sleeping well, although i have always had weird and vivvid dreams all my life, they haven’t got any worse, in fact they are getting more pleasent. I do not crave either substances, well not physically, but i sometimes feel sad that i can’t have a social drink or smoke, but it’s more about the thought of not having it, that the actual not having it. Any angst i do have is over real issues, and i find myself dealing with things more quickly and effectively now i don’t live in a laid back head space. I am kicking arse more.

    I do find this all a bit strange – the ease with which i stoped. For a few years now i have been doing yoga, not every day by any means, but i am into the philosophy of the teachings, and do yoga nidra, which is a deep relaxation technique, and i think that this is what helped. Before you begin a session you repeat an intention to yourself, mine was soberity and wholeness. I just intended it. Then I’d go off and have a spliff or pipe !!! But i did believe that this intent was operating on a deep unconsious level and would come to pass. And it has.

    I have nothing against canabis, i think it is an amazing medicine, and is good for many medical conditions ie MS. and pain especially menstral cramps. It is just the abuse of it that is bad and the smoking of it. Alcohol, on the other hand is a dangerous drug and highly physically addictive, and the cause of many crimes and domestic violance, and if it were not already legal, i doubt that it would ever become so. It is our cultures accepted drug, used to create social coesian, ie at weddings, birthdays, xmas etc, and it is big business, as is the junk food industry, especially the aspartame additive which seems to be in everything, and is a known neurtoxin. I think it’s criminal that the FDA allowed this to be put in our food and drinks, and even prescription drugs !!!! And the drugs industry !!!! (don’t get me started on that evil !!!!

    Anyway, i am just letting you know that i am not suffering any of the horrible side effects of stoping, and so i dont need to give my money to any sharlatons who ‘sell cures’ for addictions. If I feel i need help i will go to A.A. They are free and have a good track record. I have done lots of therapy over the years which must have helped, and i am a spiritual person who’s on my own journey, becoming the person I was created to be, and finding purpose in life.

    I am very grateful for all the teachers and friends i have connected with along the way, and look forward to a rewarding rest of my life. Pauline xx

  60. pauline says:

    hi john, thanks for your comments, i agree with you, there are better articles about canabis, about studies done by drs who say that it is a wonder medicine and good for lots of conditions, my friend has MS and she uses it to help her shakes and prevent falls. she eats it as she has never smoked, and doesnt have enough to get stonned, but she gets great relief from it. the gocernment’s stupid ignorant attitude towards this medicine is causing the drug to be banned and not given the oppertunity to be used medically. I think this is to do with the huge drug industry and the fact that they will loose their grip on the monopoly they have on the prescriptions for drugs. they are not curing people they are keeping people ill, otherwise they would go out of business. I have smoked for 40yrs, hash at first and now the stronger variety grass,i like it, but i have quit recently owing to respect for my lungs and my pocket, but i will eat it in the future occasionally for fun. I also quit drinking at the same time. I have had no ill effects and feel well, so i don’t buy this withdrawal nonsense, it is just not true. OK if i’d been a more heavy drinker, i might have needed some help, but i am fine, miss them both a bit but am looking forward to being healthier and free. I do not intend to be tea total and straight all my life, i just want to be an occasional canabis user and a social drinker, but i choose to give my body a rest for a period of time.

  61. brad says:

    hello my fellow quitters!!

    my name is brad and im on day 2 of quitting pot, ive been smoking since i was 13 and im 31 now, without saying how ill let you know that i had an endless supply and was smoking upwards of an ounce a day, constantly smoking all day i would wake up smoke one, have one on the drive to work, first break at work smoke one, lunch time i would have 2, afternoon break smoke 1, drive home smoke 1, get home and the smoke show continued all night non stop, it got to a point where i would pay people to go to the store for me because i was so lazy from smoking all day, i would sleep all the time, couldnt focus on anything except videogames and tv, all my relationships are ruined, i wouldnt go out anywhere, i just feel like a complete loser, this isnt what life was supposed to be for me, when i was young i never sat and thought when i grow up i want to be a dead beat lazy ass stoner lol, anyway thats my story its time to quit and change everything in my life, i quit smoking cigarettes Jan 3 2012, and im finding this just as hard right now, last night i sweat so much in my sleep, i need to do this and reading all the comments on here makes me feel like i can, thanks

  62. pauline says:

    well done keep it up, i smoked for 40 yrs and am on day 17, it’s really in our heads that we want to smoke, it just needs a dirrerent thought – you are what you think. Yoga helped me and also beginning to like myself a bit more, and worring about the health effects. I also gave up alcohol at the same time, and that’s hard cos it’s legal and used at social functions. I gave up ciggarettes over 10 yrs ago so at least i am not addicted to that so dont have to ruin my lungs anymore. Smoking canabis didn’t make me lazy and play computer games, it helped me focus and i enjoy the creativity it enhanses in me, i think it affects different people in different ways. Mind you i didn’t smoke as much as you , but still every day. I don’t think it is a bad drug and has medicinal virtues which should be used, but isn’t because of propergander about it’s dangers. I would eat it, and in the future will do so on SPECIAL occasions. It’s the abuse that is the problem, same with alcohol. One day i would like to become a social drinker, but for now it’s abstenence

  63. Julie says:

    I’m 28 now, I’ve been smoking weed on & off since I was 14!!! The past 6 years it has been daily. I’ve not had any now for 3 weeks today. The sweaty sleepless nights seem to have subsided, but I’m really struggling with my emotions. My BF is getting it big time… one minute I’m fine, next I’m either in floods of tears or kicking right off over nothing!! Has anyone else experianced these emotions? I’ve spoken to a councillor about this & she reckons its all the poisons / toxins coming out – lets face it weed aint just weed anymore!! What do you guys think?

  64. richi says:

    had a massive mental breakdown about 3-4 weeks ago through heavy smoking cannibas from the age of 15 to now am 26 really scrambled me brain thinking crazy nasty shit which isnt me one bit really scared me stopped smoking cannibas there and then i understand it all a bit better now a was thinking from one negative 2 anouther negative and didn’t have a clue wat was going really felt suicidal bottled it up for 3 weeks with out telling any one just constantly battling mind and parnoia finally told work colleges and family that was big weight off shoulders and got some tablets called sertraline which didnt really help just made is feel crap and fart all day long the biggest help has been trying figure out what happened to understand it and reading the bible and having a bit faith as for bad dreams and intense dreams that is nothing compared to what i went through a couple of weeks ago which was by far the worst time of my life really thought i was going crazy . smoking cannibas and doing drugs has been the biggest regret of my life it really messes peoples lives and wastes their money vastes amounts , i am now looking for redemption to purifie my mind body and soul and be a betterman,a goodman. PS i really hate all drugs now with a passion what a load of shit, my worst times for parnoia have been on a morning – dinnertime but the days are getting better one day at a time ,all the best to others PEACE

  65. Love says:

    I have been smoking weed on & off (mostly on) for the last 19 years — sometimes more, sometimes less, but for the most part, every day. The longest I’ve gone without it was probably about three or four months. I’ve tried quitting many times and always went back to it. I’ve had major guilt about it for years, which may be just as harmful as the smoking itself. There were times in my life when most of my friends were also daily smokers so it was especially difficult to stop when it was always around. Now that I am older, I still have friends and family members who do it, but most of them don’t do it as frequently and even those who do respect the fact that I’m taking a break or quitting so they refrain when I’m around. For the last six months I’ve been using a vaporizer because I’ve heard that’s a lot healthier. I did it as a first step to finally quitting. Now it’s been five days since I’ve had any weed and I’m doing pretty well. I am not feeling tempted to smoke (well, I won’t lie, I have thought of it, but I know deep down that I want to at least give myself some significant time without it to see how I feel, so I haven’t given in). My withdrawal symptoms, if any, have been minimal. Mostly I’ve felt more alert and awake and hopeful. I haven’t had nightmares or night sweats, I still have an appetite, and I haven’t had any constipation or diarrhea. Today I felt irritable and I’ve been feeling a little depressed on and off, but this is no different from how I was feeling even when I was regularly smoking. In fact, I wonder if the weed is part of the reason (or the whole reason) I have had issues with depression and anxiety from time to time. So I can’t say that my mood today was at all related to withdrawal. Honestly, though I have smoked/vaped pretty much daily I only take a few hits, so maybe I just don’t have that much of it in my system. It’s more of a mental thing. A habit. But that, I believe, is just as strong (if not more strong!) than a physical addiction. Pauline, above, mentioned that yoga has helped her. I cannot agree more! I’ve been practicing yoga for about 12 years, and I believe it has helped me stop (like other times when I’ve stopped for a week or two at a time for vacations, etc.) without too much trouble. I have gotten to the point where I have a terrible guilt about smoking because it seems so out of line with the yogic lifestyle. And I know that yoga alone will make me feel great and quell my anxiety, depression, and whatever else I am trying to escape from with the weed. So I am determined this time to at least give it a good month before just going back to it. I hope to completely quit, but I can’t be too hard on myself if I relapse, or if I just decide later that it actually was helping me and I go back to it. I think that the guilt I have about doing it is terrible for my mental health and I need to work more on accepting and loving myself than blaming myself for this habit. That being said, as much as I love some things about weed, I do believe it has stunted my growth in many ways. It keeps me from being as productive, social, and happy as I know I can be. It makes me feel useless at times, and confused, and tired. So here I am. And I thank you all for your stories because having the support of knowing others are in the same boat is incredibly helpful. People in my life who I have told either don’t understand or just aren’t really there to be supportive about this. It’s so important not to feel alone. And none of us are! I wish you all the best of luck in quitting and being healthy and happy!

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