Side Effects Of Quitting Marijuana

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Quitting Marijuana Side Effects

Marijuana addiction involves anti-social behavior of the suffered individuals. The marijuana addicts suffer to achieve any of their social activities. This will lead to disturbed relationships. In addition, the addiction may cause infertility, lung problems, respiratory complaints, and memory loss.

Considering these life-threatening effects of marijuana, the individuals must quit marijuana; however, quitting marijuana is not a simple task. It requires a comprehensive detoxifying treatment. If anyone suddenly quit using marijuana, it may lead to serious quitting marijuana side effects.

Many rehabilitation and drug detoxifying centers are there all over the world to help marijuana addicts to prevent them from the drug abuse and the disastrous effects caused by the drugs. When the affected individuals undergo the detoxifying process, they confront various mental and physical challenges. They will face many quitting marijuana side effects, which are also known as withdrawal symptoms. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, nightmares, and restlessness. Usually, the withdrawal symptoms appear when the individuals suddenly stop using the drug. Therefore, to keep these symptoms under control, the rehabilitation and drug detoxifying centers follow a step-by-step process.

  • Anxiety and restlessness are few of the common quitting marijuana side effects. The affected individuals feel awful anxiety and restlessness. This makes them crave to take marijuana, which leads to anxiety.
  • Insomnia is a common withdrawal symptom that the affected individuals feel when they are under the detoxification treatment. Even after the treatment is over, insomnia may continue for the next few days until the body adjusts to normal sleep pattern.
  • Loss of appetite is another common quitting marijuana side effect that affects the individuals during the initial stage of stopping the habit. However, it does not last longer; they become normal after a couple of days.
  • Nightmare is another common symptom encountered with marijuana addicts. This is associated with restless sleep and freaky dreams.


Many marijuana detoxification kits are available in the market, which are very useful in the process of detoxification. Various researches are being carried out all over the world on drug abuse and related medications. The drug rehabilitation centers play major role in treating marijuana addicts. Above all, the friends and the members of the family of the affected individuals must support them with utmost care during detoxification. This will prevent your loved ones from quitting marijuana side effects.

Side Effects Of Quitting Marijuana


Guest Contributor: Peter Hill is a human resources specialist and an expert in helping people change their habits. He runs an informational website that provides tips, audio and stories to help people quit marijuana without side effects naturally and easily, without cravings or discomfort. To take advantage of this cool stuff and more make sure to check out Peter’s site Quitting Marijuana Side Effects

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  1. Joey says:

    I’ve been smoking heavy everyday for about 7′months and I’ve been off for 2 and a half weeks and I have anxiety I have really bad anger problems. I’m ony 15 and this sucks I live in California and I don’t feel happy anymore? Anyone wana talk?W

  2. Joey says:

    I’ve been smoking heavy everyday for about 7′months and I’ve been off for 2 and a half weeks and I have anxiety I have really bad anger problems. I’m ony 15 and this sucks I live in California and I don’t feel happy anymore? Anyone wana talk?

  3. Dar says:

    I really thought I was alone on this thanks guys im praying God helps us all I feel like crap i just quit 3 days ago after smoking since I was 11 im now 28 what a waist of my life now im awake sitting here drinking tea hurting so bad some ppl may say its not that serious and laugh but it is my whole body hurts cant sleep im all sweaty then im cold im angry frustrated depressed I feel like I cant breath I have really bad anxiety I dont even wanna smoke I just want this to go away and have a clear mind I feel like I woke up from a nightmare and im 11yrs old again never growing into who I should have been my life feels like a cloud of smoke Im lost and cant see clearly weed I hate u and it suks cuz now days they make bud look all pretty and smelling so bomb but fuck that shitt Lord have mercy help us all I know if we really want to be free frm this we can cuz nothing is impossible with God no matter what imma stay up and not look back only God can judge me peace out .. P.s im gunna pray right now too for everyone on this pg and myself much love! si se puede!

  4. Angel says:

    I am glad I found this site, I have been a daily smoker since I was 16 years old, I have quit many many times and have decided I need to quit again this time for good. I was able to quit for a total of 9mth in the past. I felt strong and in total control of my life, I had a life changing event which brought me back to this addiction.

    I have been sleeping or eating, my nerves are out of control and I have very high anxiety. I did not think it was possible to have adverse withdrawal after quitting cold turkey, but I don’t know any other way to quit, I don’t seem to be able to casually use so cold turkey is the only way for me. I am hoping it is normal to also feel a bit depressed along with all the anxiety – its only been 3days so I am hoping things get better real soon

  5. Angel says:

    Wow other than the baby and wife part you exactly described me. My car smells, it’s a hot mess, I spend the cash I don’t have, I sneak around and go out for my “lunches” hoping when I get back to the office that nobody notices my recent outing. I also have a good job that I am lucky to hold on to not sure how as I am I’ll do that tomorrow person as well.

    Smoking has spiraled me into living two different lives and I am exhausted and need to open a new chapter of my life.

    Thank you all for the posts they are more than helpful in my quitting struggles, as I am having a sweaty hot flash right now :(

  6. Robert says:

    I quit smoking weed after 28 years 10 days ago (Something i thought i could never do) I needed it! or so i thought. My only problem is the side effects and not cravings, the cravings come and go. My side effects are constipation, bad dreams, coughing (but not as bad as when i smoked it) Can’t sleep (I am actually all over the place when it’s time to sleep) I am lucky i have a supportive wife because weed cost me 2 previous relationships and was about to cost me the third. I am 43 and i must say i have freedom away from it as well as more respect from the people in my life that did not do weed

    All i can say is I am more happy with myself and that is what matters! So happy i escaped weed prison! The first week was hard but so worth the pain. Please believe in yourselves and you will see you will have more money to spend on what really matters in life YOUR FAMILY!

  7. sarah says:

    I’m 20 yrs old, i come from a very small town in australia and ALL people do there is smoke weed. My family never did it but i grew up around it with my friends and boyfriend. For 3 years i said no because i knew i wouldnt be able to handle it already suffering from mild depression and anxiety. Finally about 10 months ago i tried it, i loved it, and i soon developed a habbit. i moved in with my boyfriend who had been a smoker on and off for 5 years, and things got bad. i depended on it, i smoked in the morning when i got up, id go to work and then on my lunch break smoke, as soon as i got home id be straight on it untill bed. This had been going on for about 10 months, and over that time i quit my job and started having massive fights with my boyfriend of 4 years and friends and family, i lost 15 kilos and the anxiety and depression i suffered from was twice as bad!! i couldnt eat, i couldnt go to the toilet, i was a friggin mess! About 3 days ago the town was dry and my boyfriend and i were forced to go without for a night, it almost killed us but we made it, the next day i got up and had so much energy i felt AMAZING. so did the bf. we decided to quit cold turkey, i was fine untill the second night, i cant eat, i have the runs, i feel like i wanna vomit every five minutes, i cant sleep, my anxiety lead me to a panic attack yesturday and all i do is cry. I so badly wanna quit i now see how fucked up this had made me, but on only on my 3rd day and im going insane! some of you guys have said the withdrawal effects can go on for weeks? i really hope not cause this is killing me! what can i do to make this easier???? please help!

  8. Robert says:

    Hi Sarah
    I feel your pain trust me! I have been off weed for 15 days now and counting. Considering i smoked for 28 years everyday unless i couldn’t afford it or find it. I can’t sleep or eat. I am constipated and depressed. I am at the point now i am going to go see a doctor. It is not too late for you. It may be too late for me as i feel something bad is going on inside me (re: possible cancer) QUITING WITH A FRIEND OR LOVED ONE IS NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO BECAUSE IF THEY SLIP YOU SLIP. I promise you it’s hard in the beginning but it will get better i have been told. Your body now needs time to adjust to your not smoking anymore. The toxins need to leave your body and in your case may take up to 90 days i have read. The only thing i can say is stay strong. I practice what i am preaching but i am still going to go see a doctor. It’s easy to use the exscuse that maybe smoking again will get your life back in order or feel some what normal but that is the drug tricking your mind into doing it again. Don’t fall for it! Stay strong for everyone that loves you. Your fist step has been taken and now it’s up to you to keep step’n. Try remember you have to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. God bless

  9. pauline says:

    I have smoked canabis for 40yrs, at first not every day, but every day for 30yrs. It used to be hash and good quality, but then the market got flooded with soap bars (a kind of morrocan). This was cut with all sorts of stuff and some times it just didn’t work at all. When the skunk weed came about i began to only smoke that because it did work and was clean (until ‘dirty weed’ came about owing to unscruplus dealers trying to make even more money. Because it is so expensive i started growing my own, which meant i would get through huge amounts.

    I am lucky that i haven’t gone psychotic on such a lot of strong weed, others haven’t been so fortunate. As i type this there is an advert flashing on and off offering ‘leagal herbal bud’! But it is the smoking of it that is the harmful part of canabis use, it causes more tar than tobacco, andcan cause lung cancer and other cancers. It is pissing me off flashing away on my screne. I hate consumerism and capitalism.

    Anyway my point is that after 40 yrs of regular canabis smoking i quit 12 days ago. I just stopped. I also stopped alcohol at the same time and i have been a boozer all my life and I was getting worse, drinking a bottle of wine a night most nights.

    I have not experienced any of the detoxifying effects/withdrawal effects as yet, and feel much better already. I had already quit smoking ciggaretts over 12 yrs ago, and hate the smell of ciggaretts, and never want to smoke it again. I still have a good appetite, i am sleeping well, although i have always had weird and vivvid dreams all my life, they haven’t got any worse, in fact they are getting more pleasent. I do not crave either substances, well not physically, but i sometimes feel sad that i can’t have a social drink or smoke, but it’s more about the thought of not having it, that the actual not having it. Any angst i do have is over real issues, and i find myself dealing with things more quickly and effectively now i don’t live in a laid back head space. I am kicking arse more.

    I do find this all a bit strange – the ease with which i stoped. For a few years now i have been doing yoga, not every day by any means, but i am into the philosophy of the teachings, and do yoga nidra, which is a deep relaxation technique, and i think that this is what helped. Before you begin a session you repeat an intention to yourself, mine was soberity and wholeness. I just intended it. Then I’d go off and have a spliff or pipe !!! But i did believe that this intent was operating on a deep unconsious level and would come to pass. And it has.

    I have nothing against canabis, i think it is an amazing medicine, and is good for many medical conditions ie MS. and pain especially menstral cramps. It is just the abuse of it that is bad and the smoking of it. Alcohol, on the other hand is a dangerous drug and highly physically addictive, and the cause of many crimes and domestic violance, and if it were not already legal, i doubt that it would ever become so. It is our cultures accepted drug, used to create social coesian, ie at weddings, birthdays, xmas etc, and it is big business, as is the junk food industry, especially the aspartame additive which seems to be in everything, and is a known neurtoxin. I think it’s criminal that the FDA allowed this to be put in our food and drinks, and even prescription drugs !!!! And the drugs industry !!!! (don’t get me started on that evil !!!!

    Anyway, i am just letting you know that i am not suffering any of the horrible side effects of stoping, and so i dont need to give my money to any sharlatons who ‘sell cures’ for addictions. If I feel i need help i will go to A.A. They are free and have a good track record. I have done lots of therapy over the years which must have helped, and i am a spiritual person who’s on my own journey, becoming the person I was created to be, and finding purpose in life.

    I am very grateful for all the teachers and friends i have connected with along the way, and look forward to a rewarding rest of my life. Pauline xx

  10. pauline says:

    hi john, thanks for your comments, i agree with you, there are better articles about canabis, about studies done by drs who say that it is a wonder medicine and good for lots of conditions, my friend has MS and she uses it to help her shakes and prevent falls. she eats it as she has never smoked, and doesnt have enough to get stonned, but she gets great relief from it. the gocernment’s stupid ignorant attitude towards this medicine is causing the drug to be banned and not given the oppertunity to be used medically. I think this is to do with the huge drug industry and the fact that they will loose their grip on the monopoly they have on the prescriptions for drugs. they are not curing people they are keeping people ill, otherwise they would go out of business. I have smoked for 40yrs, hash at first and now the stronger variety grass,i like it, but i have quit recently owing to respect for my lungs and my pocket, but i will eat it in the future occasionally for fun. I also quit drinking at the same time. I have had no ill effects and feel well, so i don’t buy this withdrawal nonsense, it is just not true. OK if i’d been a more heavy drinker, i might have needed some help, but i am fine, miss them both a bit but am looking forward to being healthier and free. I do not intend to be tea total and straight all my life, i just want to be an occasional canabis user and a social drinker, but i choose to give my body a rest for a period of time.

  11. brad says:

    hello my fellow quitters!!

    my name is brad and im on day 2 of quitting pot, ive been smoking since i was 13 and im 31 now, without saying how ill let you know that i had an endless supply and was smoking upwards of an ounce a day, constantly smoking all day i would wake up smoke one, have one on the drive to work, first break at work smoke one, lunch time i would have 2, afternoon break smoke 1, drive home smoke 1, get home and the smoke show continued all night non stop, it got to a point where i would pay people to go to the store for me because i was so lazy from smoking all day, i would sleep all the time, couldnt focus on anything except videogames and tv, all my relationships are ruined, i wouldnt go out anywhere, i just feel like a complete loser, this isnt what life was supposed to be for me, when i was young i never sat and thought when i grow up i want to be a dead beat lazy ass stoner lol, anyway thats my story its time to quit and change everything in my life, i quit smoking cigarettes Jan 3 2012, and im finding this just as hard right now, last night i sweat so much in my sleep, i need to do this and reading all the comments on here makes me feel like i can, thanks

  12. pauline says:

    well done keep it up, i smoked for 40 yrs and am on day 17, it’s really in our heads that we want to smoke, it just needs a dirrerent thought – you are what you think. Yoga helped me and also beginning to like myself a bit more, and worring about the health effects. I also gave up alcohol at the same time, and that’s hard cos it’s legal and used at social functions. I gave up ciggarettes over 10 yrs ago so at least i am not addicted to that so dont have to ruin my lungs anymore. Smoking canabis didn’t make me lazy and play computer games, it helped me focus and i enjoy the creativity it enhanses in me, i think it affects different people in different ways. Mind you i didn’t smoke as much as you , but still every day. I don’t think it is a bad drug and has medicinal virtues which should be used, but isn’t because of propergander about it’s dangers. I would eat it, and in the future will do so on SPECIAL occasions. It’s the abuse that is the problem, same with alcohol. One day i would like to become a social drinker, but for now it’s abstenence

  13. Julie says:

    I’m 28 now, I’ve been smoking weed on & off since I was 14!!! The past 6 years it has been daily. I’ve not had any now for 3 weeks today. The sweaty sleepless nights seem to have subsided, but I’m really struggling with my emotions. My BF is getting it big time… one minute I’m fine, next I’m either in floods of tears or kicking right off over nothing!! Has anyone else experianced these emotions? I’ve spoken to a councillor about this & she reckons its all the poisons / toxins coming out – lets face it weed aint just weed anymore!! What do you guys think?

  14. richi says:

    had a massive mental breakdown about 3-4 weeks ago through heavy smoking cannibas from the age of 15 to now am 26 really scrambled me brain thinking crazy nasty shit which isnt me one bit really scared me stopped smoking cannibas there and then i understand it all a bit better now a was thinking from one negative 2 anouther negative and didn’t have a clue wat was going really felt suicidal bottled it up for 3 weeks with out telling any one just constantly battling mind and parnoia finally told work colleges and family that was big weight off shoulders and got some tablets called sertraline which didnt really help just made is feel crap and fart all day long the biggest help has been trying figure out what happened to understand it and reading the bible and having a bit faith as for bad dreams and intense dreams that is nothing compared to what i went through a couple of weeks ago which was by far the worst time of my life really thought i was going crazy . smoking cannibas and doing drugs has been the biggest regret of my life it really messes peoples lives and wastes their money vastes amounts , i am now looking for redemption to purifie my mind body and soul and be a betterman,a goodman. PS i really hate all drugs now with a passion what a load of shit, my worst times for parnoia have been on a morning – dinnertime but the days are getting better one day at a time ,all the best to others PEACE

  15. Love says:

    I have been smoking weed on & off (mostly on) for the last 19 years — sometimes more, sometimes less, but for the most part, every day. The longest I’ve gone without it was probably about three or four months. I’ve tried quitting many times and always went back to it. I’ve had major guilt about it for years, which may be just as harmful as the smoking itself. There were times in my life when most of my friends were also daily smokers so it was especially difficult to stop when it was always around. Now that I am older, I still have friends and family members who do it, but most of them don’t do it as frequently and even those who do respect the fact that I’m taking a break or quitting so they refrain when I’m around. For the last six months I’ve been using a vaporizer because I’ve heard that’s a lot healthier. I did it as a first step to finally quitting. Now it’s been five days since I’ve had any weed and I’m doing pretty well. I am not feeling tempted to smoke (well, I won’t lie, I have thought of it, but I know deep down that I want to at least give myself some significant time without it to see how I feel, so I haven’t given in). My withdrawal symptoms, if any, have been minimal. Mostly I’ve felt more alert and awake and hopeful. I haven’t had nightmares or night sweats, I still have an appetite, and I haven’t had any constipation or diarrhea. Today I felt irritable and I’ve been feeling a little depressed on and off, but this is no different from how I was feeling even when I was regularly smoking. In fact, I wonder if the weed is part of the reason (or the whole reason) I have had issues with depression and anxiety from time to time. So I can’t say that my mood today was at all related to withdrawal. Honestly, though I have smoked/vaped pretty much daily I only take a few hits, so maybe I just don’t have that much of it in my system. It’s more of a mental thing. A habit. But that, I believe, is just as strong (if not more strong!) than a physical addiction. Pauline, above, mentioned that yoga has helped her. I cannot agree more! I’ve been practicing yoga for about 12 years, and I believe it has helped me stop (like other times when I’ve stopped for a week or two at a time for vacations, etc.) without too much trouble. I have gotten to the point where I have a terrible guilt about smoking because it seems so out of line with the yogic lifestyle. And I know that yoga alone will make me feel great and quell my anxiety, depression, and whatever else I am trying to escape from with the weed. So I am determined this time to at least give it a good month before just going back to it. I hope to completely quit, but I can’t be too hard on myself if I relapse, or if I just decide later that it actually was helping me and I go back to it. I think that the guilt I have about doing it is terrible for my mental health and I need to work more on accepting and loving myself than blaming myself for this habit. That being said, as much as I love some things about weed, I do believe it has stunted my growth in many ways. It keeps me from being as productive, social, and happy as I know I can be. It makes me feel useless at times, and confused, and tired. So here I am. And I thank you all for your stories because having the support of knowing others are in the same boat is incredibly helpful. People in my life who I have told either don’t understand or just aren’t really there to be supportive about this. It’s so important not to feel alone. And none of us are! I wish you all the best of luck in quitting and being healthy and happy!

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