What are the Top 5 Side Effects of Marijuana?

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There are definitely more than 5 side effects of marijuana. The top 5 generally include perception distortions, rapid heart rate with low blood pressure, hallucinations, suppressed immune functions, and lung and throat problems short term and long term. Side effects of marijuana can be instantaneous, like the distortion of perception, or they can develop over time. Students who smoke pot often develop concentration and learning problems.

sideeffectsThe top side effect of marijuana is the obvious reaction that you have, the high, which is generally termed perception distortion. This means that time, touch, sensation, sound, or any of the 5 basic senses can be completely altered or just mildly altered. Either way, it can be difficult to figure out what is really real and what just appears to be your reality at the moment. This side effect is often the reason that people smoke pot.

Unfortunately, the physical side effect of marijuana of rapid heart rate and lower blood pressure is dangerous. Physically, the heart is struggling to stay full of blood, hence the blood pressure drop. This is a pretty good set up for a heart attack or other coronary event.

Hallucinations don’t happen to everyone, but for those who experience them it is a strong enough side effect of marijuana that one can be turned off pot smoking for life. Hallucinations can be frightening and can include the belief that there is violence being perpetrated against you when in fact there isn’t. They aren’t fun like it is portrayed on TV, but it is one of those real and true out of control moments that can scare the pants of even a tough guy.

Another physical side effect of marijuana is suppression of the immune system. The THC in pot acts as a natural immuno-suppressant. This means that the elements (the white blood cells) in the body that are designed to attack infection often fail to do so. There have been a great number of studies done on this topic, and science has proven that one side effect of marijuana is the inability to produce a healthy immune system, either temporarily or permanently if pot use is heavy over a period of time.

Lung and throat problems can be caused by weed and the longer you smoke it the more likely you are to get ill from this particular side effect of marijuana. Pot smokers are actually doing more lung tissue damage than the average cigarette smoker. The short term effects are often dry mouth, scratchy throat and voice, and a burning down the throat and chest. This is from the harsh, unfiltered smoke that you inhaled deeply, held in the lungs, and then exhaled slowly.

While the side effects of marijuana can vary from person to person, there are numerous unlisted side effects. Every time you inhale potent pot you are asking for physical trouble either now or in the future. The side effects of marijuana are all in transcribed medical tests that prove the theory.

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  1. Mikey says:

    Wait a minute here! There has never been one single death caused by marijuana use. To read thins one would think people are dropping dead from marijuana use all the time. Heart attacks?? Cancer?? Where are your sources on this?

  2. jeff says:


  3. Jeff says:

    meant to say will things get beter.

  4. Evanna lynn says:

    I have been smoking for the last five years and i have gone to college to be a doctor. I have been working as one for the past two years, full time and with kids. The problem with people that study marijuana is that they make it sound so bad and that you cant do anything but yet i am a doctor at twenty five. I know people that have been smoking for fifty years and they are as heathy as ever.
    Yes there are some side effects but nothing close to what everyone says. You get hungry, happy, sleepy. And no, weed is not harsh like cigarettes, not even close. And doctors give weed to people with medical problems, now do they give cigarettes to people with medical problems, no they do not so how is weed so bad?
    I think that these people that think weed is so bad should try some and i think it would change their minds. Try it, you will like it.

  5. kristi says:

    grow up ppl. POT is a drug and of course the drug addicts are going to act like its no big deal, just like any other drug addict their in denial!!!!

  6. R Duarte says:

    Can a man become steril from smoking an over abundance of marijuana? To where a woman could not concieve? Preventing that couple from becoming pregnant?.

  7. R Traveler says:

    I have stayed with friends who smoke pot and noticed that my mouth became dry. The dry mouth condition lasted for about three months. I would like to know why it is that a drug like this one isn’t being controled the same way other pharmaceuticals have to be. The stuff claimed to help people should be required to add the side affects possible when they advertise. The FDA should be involved as a regulator as well. I am surprised anyone claiming to be a part of the AMA would endorse the use of such a chemical and -they, doctors in the past, used to use cigarettes to treat illness way back in the beginning as well. I would think the FDA would denie any use of pot for medical purposes. My friends who use when they do loose interest in any social life other than that related to pot. They are not fun to be around when they use. My friend wants to live just another 20 years. Maybe that will happen maybe not. The fact is people willing to smoke pot will use other drugs as well. I know a whole prison full of people with drug, ‘pot’, related entitlements for being in jail. It was what they did when they used the pot that got them there.

  8. researchit11 says:

    Hi. Interesting article here but am wondering what your sources are for the side effects you listed? Am considering doing a report on whether to legalize hemp/marijuana and would like to use this page as a source to the adverse side effects but see you have no source page. I have been under the assumption that no studies have ever been performed to show the beneficial uses of medical marijuana or the detrimental effects because the focus of any studies done has been on the legalities to date. One of the items of interest I am looking at for the report is also the legalization of hemp as an industrial product, which is different from the strainds grown for medical use. Source database please? Thank You!

  9. BigG says:

    Maryjane does not cause lung problems. in fact after a twenty year study it has been found that weed improves your lungs. weed is a cousin to catnip which has been used as an lung improving medication for hundreds of years. Weed however takes away all your life ambitions and social abilities. and weed is extremely addictive. I know many doctors and nurses that use weed even during surgery. Weed gives you greater coordination than not smoking. I am a Pro Parkourist. Parkour is free running and climbing in urban settings. Jumping from building to building ect., and balancing on rails and doing flips are much easier and fluid while high on THC. I have video proof. also some very famous MMA practitioners swear on weed making them better martial artist. However no ambition for life mixed with a social disassociation is very bad, and can ruin lives.When high you dont want to work you just want to watch movies and play video games alone. I hate hanging with potheads, and I am one. If you can use moderately great, but an addict is an addict and I want to stop but I cant. I have quit drinking for 10 years stopped smoking cigarettes for two years but cant stop the weed. Weed is better than alcohol and cigarettes but it has its own problems.

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