What are the 3 Short Term Effects of Marijuana?

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Sometimes, when you’re into the smoke, it is hard to admit even to ourselves that there are some short term effects of marijuana that could impair our ability to think rationally. I grew up around pot and thought nothing of trying it out myself, since I heard the stories that it was all harmless. So my friends and I smoked up and then we stopped by a pizza joint about an hour later. Standing by the counter of a somewhat empty restaurant I ducked in fear under the counter. I could have sworn that the guy who was handing silverware to one of my friends was actually throwing it at us.

Yes, there are short term effects of marijuana, and I realized that we were driving around about as smoked up as one could get. I guess the more I thought about when I was sober the more I realized that we were not the smartest bunch in the world. I really never took notice to whether anyone in the restaurant thought my behavior was strange. I was just relieved that no one was throwing forks and butter knives at me.

There are many possible effects of weed. Some of the first short term effects of marijuana include the distortion of perception, like thinking that someone is throwing knives at you. Distortion can include touch, taste, sound, time, and visual distortions. A lot of people respond with a loss of coordination. You can find that driving in a car while high is one of the worst things you can do. Of course, when one is high there is often that whole perception distortion effect going on so the likelihood of recognizing the potential danger is minimal. Decision making abilities are not as sharp.

One of the scariest short term effects of marijuana is the risk of a heart attack in the first hour actually increases by more than four times the sober risk rate. This is because the heart rate increases but the blood pressure drops significantly. This combination often makes it likely that a heart attack will occur even if there are no other risk factors.

Some people respond to pot more intensely than other people do. It’s not terribly unusual for some people to experience hallucinations, disorientation, delusional thinking, and impaired sense of memory. Others may very well not experience these things and find it unusual that a small percentage of people actually experience panic, paranoid thinking, and the inability to rationalize which leads to fear and distrust of those around you.

The common argument that pot is harmless is not really true. There are health effects to smoking weed just as there are for smoking cigarettes. It’s important to understand that the health effects of marijuana are serious so that you can make informed decisions regarding your health and your choices. Over time, some of the delusional thinking, paranoid behaviors, or other effects can become more permanent. Hence, the phrase “pothead” or “burnout.”

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  1. Ken Driessen says:

    Not even the ONDCP or the DEA have claimed that anybody has died due to an overdose on marijuana or that any deaths are directly realted to marijuana use. Yes people use it because it is intoxicating and that is an effect that affects our senses. If they legalized pot and had a battery of 6 or 8 different standardized imparement tests I agree one could possibly recieve a driving under the influence of marijauna criminal charge. In the same notion then an experienced user would be left alone. For religious, spiritual, medicinal and ‘recreational’ purposes humans have used Cannabis for well over 2600 years. Considering that the US government has a patent on it as a neuroprotectant, anti aging and anti-oxident medicine and that it is also known to shirnk cancerous tumors using marijauna is not a crime by any means, the crime is prohibition.

  2. Breezey don says:

    what r some good legal bud brands,because happy hour and some other brands r a wast of money

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