Marijuana versus Hashish: What is the Difference?

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Is there any significant difference between marijuana and hashish? Marijuana goes by many different names. Some call it pot, weed, grass, and the like. But is hashish a different herb than marijuana or is it just another one of those names that we use to reference it?

hash-marijuanaMost people, unless they are very particular connoisseurs of the finer points of marijuana, can not really tell the difference between pot and hash. Since there are natural variances that occur within the plant itself, not all pot is grown to equal standards or strength. Yet there is an actual difference between marijuana and hashish.

The origin of both remains the same. Both pot and hash come from the female plant known as cannabis.  You can use the term cannabis to refer to either weed or hashish, as you are simply referring to the plant of origin. THC, which is the chemical that creates the physical and emotional sensations when you smoke or ingest cannabis, is found in the tiny hairs of the tips of the flowers on the plant. This is where the resin, or the THC, is naturally stored. When you dry out the flowering tips, you are basically creating the smokable form of marijuana. Hashish, however, isn’t made in quite the same fashion. It is more like a compressed version of the same resin found in the flowers tip hairs.

For this reason, hash is often more potent than straight weed.

Hashish is also more expensive for two reasons. The first reason is because it takes more plant to create the same amount of hash that you would find in a dime bag of pot. It also takes more effort to compress the resin rather than just allowing the flower tips to dry out. However, smoke for smoke, since hashish is more potent and delivers a more powerful punch, most people find that they use less hashish to gain the same effects of weed.

When the plant matures, the “manufacturer” must take the time to segregate the resin from the flowered tips in order to start creating the hashish. Hash is the pure resin, or the pure THC form of pot, and has to be cooled after the separation phase. Then the plant goes through a filtering and crushing process. The resin is filtered, often more than once, through a special filtering system that continues to separate the resin from the plant until there is nothing but pure resin left from the original state. Once it has turned into a pure form of THC, the resin is then broken down and crushed.

There is a natural but potent oil that is released during this process, and it is that oil that makes the resin stick together so that it can be consumed. After the resin and oil gel together, the resin compound is then molded into a bar and sliced. At this point, you have hashish and not pot. The quality of the resin and the number of times that the resin was removed from the plant is responsible for the potency of the hash. Well made hash can be three to five times more potent than marijuana. It can also be three to five times more expensive, which is why weed is still more popular than hash despite the difference in potency.

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  1. Leo G says:

    Hash is not STRONGER than weed. If it’s from the same marijuana plant, there is no difference in high using hashish or weed. Genetics are the same, so the quality of the high is the same. The difference is only how much you consume the product. Smoking one gram of weed equals about 0.2 grams of hash. Hash is “cleaner” product contains much less plant matter than weed, so it obviously better for healthy purpose to consume the hash.

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