What is the Best Legal Substitute for Marijuana?

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The best legal substitute for marijuana is, obviously, the one that works as closely as possible to the illegal real stuff. I mean, it is not worth the money if you’re just smoking some grass clippings and dried fig leaves. That I can get out of my backyard. The best legal substitute for marijuana just has to be the one with some punch behind its name.

marijuana-policemanLegal herbs are one of the fastest growing trends in the new age industry. It’s pretty simple. Once upon a time there was no big deal to take a little toke here and there. Nobody really made a big deal out of it and we all could have our fun. Then everything resembling freedom of the body and mind went out the window and the big war on drugs began…oh that bad, bad pot. That’s worth a “war.”

So now there are laws that incorporate everything from your proximity to a school (even if you can’t possibly see it or even know that it’s there) to being “publicly intoxicated.” These laws are just too much. So now there is a whole new movement in the community to find new alternatives to pot. The best legal substitute might not be exactly like pot, but it can certainly do a really good imitation.

I know that a lot of us have tried a lot of different “substitutes” but the reality is that many companies are selling basically nothing of value. I get more than a little steamed when I pay $40 or $50 for a half an ounce of legal substitute just to find out that I was scammed. So here’s what I do now. I am careful about what I order and who I order from. For the best legal substitute for marijuana, I like the herbs that come from South America, Africa, or have roots in Native American history. In many ways, there are many cultures that have perfected the legal smoke and we are only now just discovering how much we can appreciate their efforts.

Bombay BlueThe best legal substitute for marijuana is usually labeled as a meditative smoke, which is often a blended herbal remedy for inducing relaxation, meditative discoveries, and dream states that are out of this world. If you want a really, truly enlightening experience you want to go with the meditative smoke. I must admit, I really enjoy the fact that I can kick back and get my groove on without getting the munchies. In the last year of my pot binge I ended up gaining enough weight to struggle into my pants. Not pretty.

I know that a lot of smokers have been let down by the so called best legal substitute for marijuana, but there really are some high quality smokes out there that can do more than just make you sleepy. For that I can take a sleeping pill. For a real experience I select my herbs carefully and use only the best companies.

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  1. sean says:

    yo i was just curious of there were any brands that you would recommend, it seems that you have much experience dealing with legal highs and i was just curious to your input.

  2. Jason says:

    hey man, you are very non-specific….myself i have made mixtures of damiana, wild lettuce, st johns wort, motherwort, passionflower, chamomile, skull cap, lemon grass, and thats just about it, plus some spearmint, ( obviously doesnt do much for the buzz ) but in your experience could you just tell me the chemicals i am missing? i am just taking a few bucks out of each pay check buying a big bag of whatever, and sampling and carefully ( very carefully ) testing to make better smoke, i have ordered blue lotus, some salvia foliage and a few others but they are taking forever, please sir i need your guidance.

  3. krony72 says:

    I was able to try some good ones by reading these posts and wanted to share some info about one I tried today. A buddy came over for the Wisconsin vs. Michigan game and brought something called Green God, that he had found on ebay I think it was. Anyways this was def in my top 3. Had an unusually smooth smoke and there were no overpowering tastes. Just really neutral which I liked a lot. Effects lasted a solid 2.5 hours, we missed most of the game lol.

  4. freshy says:

    hi everyone. i saw this post and i couldn’t help but tell you about this stuff i found. its called high voltage. i bought it in a sweet shop called mainely herbals. it got me absolutely ripped. they have a site and ship everywhere too. It works great and i have all my drug tests since trying it(i smoke it daily). this is by far the best blend i have tried. and it has not one chemical or synthetic in it. all natural. spread the word and definitely give it a try. i want high voltage around as long as possible!!!


  5. Sam says:

    Hey, I have NO experience with ANY drugs and would really like to try something close to what you described as meditative smoke. Now where can I get that and what would be the exact name?
    Thanks bud!

  6. Robert Owen says:

    I’ve been smoking off and on for 40 years. Salvia (concentrated) is the only thing that I have found that gives any kind of reaction, and it only lasts for a minute or two its an expensive trip. Just smoke the real thing.

  7. trout says:

    I haven’t smoked any pot for awhile as I am studding to commercial divers license. Today I got some stuff from a smoke shop called wicked dreams and wow! I feel really mellow LOL there are some good ones out there if you look 😉

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