Is There Such a Thing as a Legal Herbal Smoke?

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Legal herbal smokes are just the thing after crazy day. I think that without them I might be looking at another possession charge. Last time they had to let me go when they found out that the little bag in my pocket wasn’t illegal. And yet I still get a nice chill to my day when I need it. A legal herbal smoke can help anyone who wants the effects of pot without the ramifications of pot. Our society has gotten so uptight about a little weed that these days, if you’re busted, you may as well be carrying around crank. Law enforcement treats you the same as if you were dealing speeders to the little elementary school kids on their way home.

Anyway, the point is that while legal herbal smokes don’t necessarily give you the exact same effects as weed, the effects are still potent and very successful. It’s like having the freedom to exercise your right to chill without having to worry about the neighbors catching a whiff and freaking out or your ex turning you in because it suited them. There are different “highs” or buzzes for different situations, which is something that you can’t really predict with weed. You smoke a joint and if you’re like most people it will either wind you up or bring you down and you may or may not have control over which way it hits you. A lot of that has to do with your brain’s chemical make up and the way the pot was grown and dried.

Legal herbal smoke is not predictable enough to make it boring or run of the mill, but you do have certain herbs which smoke better at certain times. If you want to drift off into a fabulous dream state and learn the secrets of yourself, there’s a legal smoke for that. If you want to zone out in front of the TV or with some friends, there is another one for that. It’s like taking the very best attributes of pot and making it legally available in a variety of flavors. Ice cream doesn’t come in just vanilla, so I think neither should your smoke, legal or not.

I am really into the freedom that the legal herbal smoke gives me. I can stop being so paranoid about who might want to let me have it because I parked in their space or I forgot to close the gate and the dog got out, or whatever stupid reason someone might have for turning my use into a weapon. People do that stuff, ya know.

The freedom means that I am less paranoid but I am still just as happy, relaxed, and fun loving as ever. I love the idea that there are legal herbal smokes that can give me everything I ask for without a pay the piper time. So, I made the switch and I like it. I know what I am getting because I order from the same reputable company every time and I know when I should smoke what for the best results.

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