What is Legal Bud Marijuana?

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I know that legal bud marijuana isn’t something that most of us think exists until we start looking for alternatives for the illegal brand. I thought that I would just get it as a gift for my sister since she was so into pot she really wasn’t doing anything else. She had lost her job for a failed random drug test, she had spent all her rent and utility money on weed, and then she sort of just weed into this chronic taking lifestyle where she wasn’t going more than 15 minutes in between tokes.

So I thought rather than confront her that while responsible use of pot is one thing, but just like alcohol or prescriptions or even nasal spray you can use it irresponsibly and end up with problems, I thought I would try something more subtle. Legal bud marijuana seemed to be a reasonable alternative. I found that there are many forms of legal bud marijuana that could give her perhaps a stepping stone back toward responsible use.

Well, I will admit that my first attempts were not well received. I showed up to her apartment and tried to convince her that she was all off and I had the answer to her problems. In retrospect I guess I wouldn’t have appreciated my approach any more than she did. However, at the next family dinner I figured that I would just light up after the meal and see what these legal bud marijuana joints could do for me.

I was really surprised, actually. I was not only surprised that there was an overall smoothness to the smoke that kept me from hacking up my left lung like some of the illegal stuff does, but that the effects were really awesome. At first, since I lit up right at the dinner table, everyone jumped my case as if I had lost my mind and lit up an illegal joint at the table. But I saw my sister’s eyes perk up when I told everyone to relax, it was perfectly legal. Before long she came to join me on the couch and I let her try it since she as well, was smart enough not to light up an illegal joint right in front of my parents.

We had a really fun night that evening and in the morning the legal bud marijuana made it my sister’s realm of possibilities. I gave her enough to hold her over, although I did keep a little for myself, and I ordered her a little sampling so that she could decide which one she liked the best. She’s employed again, just escaped eviction from her apartment, and she passed her hiring drug test.

I have no problem with responsible pot use. For some it is actually healthy. But anything can get out of control. Replacing her weed with legal bud marijuana just helped her start to climb out of the hole she put herself in, and return to being a responsible member of society. As for me, I am really enjoying getting to know her again when she comes over for our weekly legal bud smoke party.

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  1. GodKracker says:

    really it dont show up in a drug test? is that like herbal incense or herbal smoke? just wondering

  2. Fredrick penner says:

    Bull shit there is not comparison to cannabis

  3. dalophin says:

    I love maryjane legal is ineffective un pleasnt or awsome

  4. Georgia Atkins says:

    I disagree! Pot is very addictive!

    Check out my homepage for more info and great music videos too!

    War In The Ghetto

    Both psychologically and also physically; to the chemicals in it, even if they are natural.

    Voice of Experience Here; From, a pot addict since 1967! Don’t be fooled kids!

    You will end up working any grueling job, just to support your pot addiction! And you won’t have any money left over either! I smoked Thai Weed in the 80’s I know!

    Pot is only good for medical reasons. For those who have to smoke it to almost feel healthy again.

  5. ItsDiegoFoo says:

    i don’t know about you but i’ve just tried some legal bud they sold at a smokeshop in new mexico it was called jump start and it was the cheapest “legal bud” there but just one joint between me and my buddie had me with blood red eyes intensely high and a little while after had the munnnchies just like when i smoke some high quality real bud.

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