How to Grow Marijuana Indoors

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How to grow marijuana indoors, in pots - cool!

In much the same way, in these economic climes, that people are entertaining themselves more at home – dinner parties and the like rather than expensive restaurants. Many people want to know how to grow marijuana indoors ( or out) and save some money buying crappy product from even crappier dealers!

The fact is that marijuana and cannabis are plants and as such can be grown anywhere if the conditions are right. It’s up to us to recreate the optimum conditions!

How To Grow Marijuana: Indoors or Outside?

My mate Tony asked me how to grow marijuana indoors as he lives in France, and I’m talking Northern France not the sunny climes of the South and he felt it was too chilly to grow it outside.

Wrong! The fact is that, once established marijuana is a hardy plant, well able to withstand the occasional cold spell when grown outside. The principal reason marijuana is often grown indoors is that the grower lives in the city or town and doesn’t have a garden. Or if he does he’s concerned that his eeermcrop‘ will be noticed by nosy neighbors or passers by.

So I completely understand that for some of you, maybe, it’s all got to be grown indoors, hidden away etc. with marijuana grow lights and the like! I’ll get onto that later. By the way one reader of this site grows it in his local park hidden away behind other foliage and, so far, nobody has noticed. Nice one man!

I let Tony contact another mate Josh (UK based) – he’d just bought a marijuana grow guide online – and he had a small conservatory so he grew the plants from seed there just as any regular gardener would, with a Tomato plant in a greenhouse, and his credo was that once it got to six inches plus high it could be transplanted to a secluded area of the garden in the Spring, with just a bit of manure thrown into the hole prior to the marijuana plant being inserted, and that was essentially it!

As long as it was watered during the odd dry spell ( not often in the UK or France) by August most of the plants were 3-4 foot high with lots of great foliage and seeds ( best bit of a smoke in my opinion) and ready to be harvested and dried. Always keeping back some seeds for the following year. In other words once the process was begun, other than the work involved, it remained a totally free repeatable system! I’ve seen and tested the results BTW!

But city dwellers need to know how to grow Marijuana indoors!

I saw something on the News on TV recently showing police raids on massive marijuana farms set up in residential areas of Great Britain, staffed and maintained by illegal immigrants. We’re talking big time production here maybe a tonne per house per year and a lot of income for the dealers who set this up.

So for them the investment on the marijuana growing lights and hydroponics, whatever, required was a solid investment

If the house was found by the police (normally because the electricity company had spotted, and reported, an unusually high amount of electricity being used throughout the year to keep those lights on) the crop and the equipment would be lost, the illegal immigrants would be deported and that was that! A risk worth taking for the profits involved they felt/feel I guess.

As for you wanting to know how to grow marijuana indoors for your personal use it’s a case of first things first one of which is to get yourself a first rate marijuana growing guide – you wouldn’t attempt to become an award winning gardener without reading a book or two would you?

Although I did see, again on TV, that the winner of the Biggest vegetable in Wales, Great Britain or some such title was recently contacted by rapper Snoop Dogg for some gardening tips 🙂


The fact is that just doing what my mate Josh does, while it works fine, and will indoors too provided the plant gets water and – most importantly – light (real or artificial) but Josh discovered there are loads of steps you can take to double/triple your crop AND even potency by starting off with the right seed and using the principles of good organic gardening.

That’s why I’m recommending you check out this downloadable e-book – specifically aimed at anybody wanting to know how to produce the finest crop and how to grow marijuana indoors or out – Five stars from Smoke Bloke, a new gardener now – ha ( who’d have thought?) Anyway click the image below, get the information and come back and report!


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