What are Herbal Smoking Oils?

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Herbal smoking oils are essentially an additive that is meant to enhance your herbal alternatives to weed or your cigarettes. The best use of each one is different, so it’s best to follow the guideline on the bottle until you know how it will affect you. Some herbal smoking oils can be blended into a drink or taken as drops, but it not recommended that you do this with an herbal smoking oil that you are only supposed to inhale. So seriously, read the bottle.

Most herbal smoking oils are the resin that is extracted from the herbs when they are dried and readied. Some have more additives than others which can also mean that some have a higher potency than others. You can mix and match your favorite legal buds and oils. It’s not uncommon for many people to dress a cigarette or two for their smoke break at work. While job performance issues are up to you, many smoking oils will change the smell of burning tobacco at least a little bit.

You can get these enhancing oils in a bunch of various flavors. These are added to the resin to make enhance the resin and in some cases, change the aroma of the smoke blend. You can get herbal smoking oils in concentrate form which can then be reduced through smoking or blending for a more potent extract. Adding these oils or blending these oils to your smoking regimen can help bring you a totally new experience that you probably weren’t expecting. It’s a fantastic surprise to help you shake off the stress of the day.

I personally go for the easy oil of wild lettuce. The historical use of the plant made me believe that there was a good chance for strong potency, as most civilizations before us knew how to use plants for inducing altered states. It’s designed to enrich the dream state, creating some very interesting and vivid dreams. These dreams are more than just dreams, they are windows into an elevated state of consciousness.

Specialized aphrodisiac extracts can give a little extra bang in the bedroom. Both you and your partner can indulge as it is not gender specific. Usually you need to take the extracts about half an hour before you expect some action, but it is well worth the 30 minute wait. This way, you and your partner can enjoy a night together with enhanced sensation and enhanced released inhibition. I love this stuff.

Some of the other herbal smoking oils can either cause sleepiness or they can cause relaxation. There is a difference between the two. If you’re after dream states then sleep is best. If you’re after a mellow night, then it is best to go with those that do not induce dream states. And of course, if you after a night of heightened sexual experiences, then charge right in with the aphrodisiacs. Whatever your pleasure, there is an herbal smoking oil that can match your needs to create more potent legal herbs.

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