Is There a Herbal Cannabis Substitute?

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Generally speaking there are a few really good herbal cannabis substitutes out there and then again there are some really mediocre ones. Overall, I doubt that once you find the brand and type that you’re looking for that you’ll stray far from it but the search can be a bit tiresome. So be prepared to try new things and be open to the possibilities that go along with trying new things and you might find yourself  pleasantly surprised.

Is there an alternative to hashish?Are you taking a chance when you place that first order? Yeah, I guess – but then you would be doing the same if you were ordering steak from an online butcher.  You buy it, you try it and if you like it you buy again!

A herbal cannabis substitute is also known as a ‘legal bud’ and should always be purchased from a reputable herbal website. This way you know that you’re getting quality buds and you don’t get screwed with someone’s dried grass clippings! The quality of herb itself is important in order to get the maximum benefits from the product.

So changing tack and moving to the reputable online sites helps ensure your new legal option will be a good one, in my book anyway.

The one thing that a lot of people state, not as a complaint but more as an observation, is that the high from legal buds is a little different from the one you get with the illegal herbs. I tend to agree that it is different but that certainly does not mean that it isn’t just as good, just different. Many people have found that when they eventually find a (legal) herbal cannabis substitute that their experience changes somewhat and that they end up with a nice ride without the side effects.

There is certainly a lot of skepticism surrounding herbal cannabis substitutes and rightly so. I know that I was doubtful to put it mildly. It seemed to me that the popularity of weed would mean that it was really the only thing out there that could do what it does. I guess that was kind of a naive assumption on my part, because the popularity isn’t necessarily based on some great pure, high quality weed. Most of what you get these days has been cut down, blended with junk, and sold as the real deal.

Newbies don’t know the difference because they never had it before. I think part of what makes it so popular is that it is illegal. Everybody wants a bite from the forbidden fruit. But that doesn’t give you a buzz and might in fact be dangerous.

So finding a legal alternative is the smart way to get your buzz on without risking the legal consequences or wasting your money on cut down blended stuff that costs twice what it did just a couple of years ago. The pot industry runs on the need for kids to experiment and long term smokers to fail to give up their habit just like the cigarette industry does. That’s just the business, I guess. But what if you could replace your habit with something legal like a herbal cannabis substitute? If we got enough people to try the switch the demand for pot would drop and prices would plummet. Win-win!

So here’s my bottom line on purchasing any legal herbal cannabis substitute:

In my opinion you can’t go wrong if you are prepared to make a few purchases until you find what works for you. You might have to try out a few different herbs in order to find the right one, but heck, how many dealers did I go through initially to find one with good stuff right?  A LOT!

I didn’t know from one buy to the next what I was getting though. But these legal herbs comes to you in the post, you can’t get busted with them, and it’s a whole new experience in every sense. It’s really not a bad option for anyone that wants to cut back or quit the  illegal stuff and, let’s face it, buying from criminals who are certainly not interested in your well being is NOT the way to go long term.

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