Herbal Bud – It’s Not Just Marijuana Folks!

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When people talk about herbal buds it’s kind of a misnomer – what other kind of herbal bud is there? One created from plastic and woodchip? I guess what they really mean is it’s ‘natural’ but then so are opium and tobacco. There are plenty of poisonous substances that occur naturally in nature.

Marijuana itself can come as a herbal bud as can many marijuana alternatives which are 100% legal. I’m sharing an article from Fiona Shearer on the use of herbal alternatives to many mainstream medications is becoming increasingly popular these days. Just be sure you buy from reputable dealers.

Legal Bud

Alternative Medicine Using Herbal Remedies
By Fiona Shearer-Hann

Alternative Medicine (also known as “complementary medicine” because people often use it alongside traditional Western medicine) is becoming more and more popular, as people have begun rejecting the idea that they need to take particular drugs or medications for the rest of their lives (particularly synthetic ones). Instead, the focus has turned to ancient remedies and those which have been passed from generation to generation.

One form of alternative medicine which is increasing in popularity involves the use of herbal remedies. As herbs are “natural” products, many people are more comfortable taking a herbal mixture rather than something prescribed by their doctor that comes in shiny white (and obviously synthetic) pills. Unfortunately, too many people have the idea that “natural” equals “safe” although we should all know better! Marijuana is natural; is it safe? Tobacco is natural; is it safe? In fact, most of the deadliest poisons known today come from nature!

Should this put you off using herbal remedies? No. But it should make you a little bit more wary about what you’re putting into your system. Fortunately, most herbal products that you can purchase from your pharmacy or health food store have been designed to comply with current regulations. Nevertheless, it’s important to be aware that some herbal products can have side effects (and shouldn’t be taken by people with particular conditions as a result) and some can be toxic in large quantities. Just because something is herbal doesn’t mean it isn’t “chemical” (all herbs are composed of different chemical constituents, some of which have been used and modified to create many of the medicines we’re prescribed by our doctors).

Before choosing a herbal remedy over your prescribed medication, it’s important to do your research, and it’s also a good idea to visit an alternative practitioner who has expertise in the area of herbal medicine. Most medicinal herbs have been studied extensively by scientists in recent years, so it’s often not difficult to find out whether or not a particular herb has been shown to be efficacious for a particular condition, or whether or not a particular herb has any detrimental or toxic side effects. It’s also very important to see your doctor if you plan to take any herbal medication if you’re already on prescription medication, as combining the two can sometimes be deadly.

Alternative medicine can be just as effective (sometimes even more so) than traditional medicine, but it’s still important to be aware that all medicines (whether synthetically or naturally derived) contain chemical compounds which possess certain physiological effects. The wrong amount of these chemicals, or the wrong combinations of these chemicals, can spell disaster. Always visit a qualified health practitioner (whether traditional or alternative) before taking any medication (especially if you’re already taking particular drugs), and remember to do your research.

Fiona Shearer-Hann has been interested in herbal remedies and alternative medicine for many years. She currently owns the website The Herbal Healing Guide and enjoys learning as much about herbs and other alternative medicines as she can.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Fiona_Shearer-Hann

So while marijuana itself is a herbal bud there are many other legal herbal buds available from online stores and of course in some US states marijuana buds can be bought via a medical prescription. While the comparisons between non marijuana herbals vary from good, bad to indifferent the fact remains that for many they give reasonable herbal highs and safety from prosecution.

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