What are the Health Benefits of Marijuana?

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When we say that we partake in the smoking of marijuana for medicinal purposes, we are stating that we are using it for the simple relief of any on of a number of conditions. If you are thinking that you might benefit from the health benefits of marijuana, you will want to research the potential that weed offers.

canada-marijuana-babe-eThere are in fact more than 400 different chemicals that can be identified in marijuana. By todayaE™s medical standards, some of these chemicals are considered to have great health benefits while others are considered to have harmful health effects.

One of the most potent and most necessary health benefits of smoking marijuana is its ability to relieve chronic pain. It is a fabulous pain reliever that often can leave the user less aEoehighaE than prescription narcotic pain medications. For people with crippling arthritis, immuno-inflammatory diseases, and perpetual injury pain, marijuana can actually help give them their functional life back.

The additional anti-inflammatory properties in pot are also helpful when it comes to relieving pain. Inflammation can often be the root cause of pain, especially in migraine sufferers (although some people complain that smoking pot actually gives them a headache, others swear by its ability to relieve chronic migraine pain) and those with bone injuries or diseases.

Oddly enough, smoking pot can actually be more effective at relieving asthma symptoms than most rescue inhalers. This benefit is one of scienceaE™s quandaries, but the evidence is overwhelming clear that those with asthma suffer at least 50% fewer rescue need attacks than those who donaE™t smoke pot. Some scientists attribute this to the anti-inflammatory properties, as asthma is partially caused by inflammation within the bronchial tubes.

Those who suffer from rheumatic diseases not only find that marijuana relieves their chronic pain, but studies have indicated that the degeneration often associated with some of these diseases can be slowed or even stopped. Those suffering with muscular dystrophy and other debilitating diseases can be active and nearly pain free from the use of pot.

There have been studies conducted on epileptics, those suffering from HuntingtonaE™s disease, and of course those with glaucoma, all of which indicate that the use of medicinal marijuana has either significantly improved the lives of most patients. A few patients actually became symptom free. Only a small percentage of the patients studied remained in the same condition as before the introduction to marijuana for medicinal purposes.

There are a few studies that have not yet drawn significant conclusions as the results seem to vary by individual. Smoking marijuana has proven to be a terrific antidepressant and antiaE”anxiety medications for some while others find that it is a depressant. Some have found that it is actually a helpful treatment for eating disorders while others find that it is ineffective for such issues. There is much more to be studied when it comes to determining the positive health benefits of smoking marijuana, however those who use it for a higher quality of life while battling a condition or disease find that it is much more beneficial than most prescribed medications.

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  1. There are lots of benefits that we can gain by using marijuana. Marijuana can be used as pain reliever. It has an anti-cancer elements, and that it is also used for treating asthma.

  2. kennedy says:

    This is so beneficial for us,if we just use it in a right way……

  3. lew walker says:

    I have used marijuana for 39 years. I do not understand why there are so many issues since acohol is legal. I would rather have a driver coming aT ME WHO HAS JUST SMOKED A JOINT COMPARED TO A DRIVER WHO HAS BEEN DRINKING. AT LEAST THE ONE WHO SMOKES IS ALERT.

  4. Fhwcc says:

    Great write up. Medical marijuana has been extremely helpful in treating many diseases.

  5. Joseph kashpharma says:

    Weed has been of tremendous help to me since i started smoking it. It helps me to relax after a hard days work and when i am depressed too or have a problem. It takes my body pains away quicker than any pain killer on earth.

  6. Tricia Morrison says:

    Is there a difference in medical marijuana and “regular”? For RX use, could it ever be put in pill form and distributed like other RX? Asking, I guess, if the major beneficial ingredients can be put in pill form? I have lupus and fibro, and the pain has really escalated over ten years. Looking for non-addicting alternative, but would prefer to not “light up” or affect ppl around me. The pain has gone to a level that’s hard to live with. Thanks!

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