Why isn’t Hashish Legal—Is There an Alternative

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Why isn’t hashish legal? For a long time I thought hashish and pot were pretty much the same thing. As it turns out that the fight to prevent hashish from being legal was hard fought and won, since “they” didn’t want the “potheads” to have another alternative once pot became illegal. Derived from the same plant, hashish is actually more potent when dried and prepared appropriately.

Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant which is indigenous to Southern Asia and Central Asia but has been transplanted by many all around the globe. Basically when you smoke pot you are smoking the dried flowering leaves that contain THC, which makes you feel high or stoned, as the active ingredient so to speak. Hashish is derived directly from the resin and is in fact a block of collected resin, if it is pure hashish, which is then cut into blocks. The preparations for the resin take longer and require a lengthier drying time in most cases for the pure resin to set in and become the beloved hashish.

Speculatively originating perhaps from the Middle East, there was a great decline in the overall American use in hashish. Most people believe that the decline of the popularity of hashish is related to the public relations the US has with some Middle Eastern countries. Others believe that the decline in its popularity stemmed from difficulties with smuggling in goods from the Middle East.

There are varying opinions when it comes to whether the high is different from the high you get from smoking weed. The opinion that the effects are greater than smoking weed certainly didn’t help to make hashish legal. In reality it is more likely that the quality of the hashish is responsible for the difference in effects, very much the same way that the quality of the pot delivers the quality of the high.

Pot is pretty easy to find and most people can get their hands on a cheap dime bag. However, hashish has become very difficult to find. Most of what is available is of high Middle Eastern standards. Fortunately, there is a legal hashish alternative that can offer a good high while foregoing the security check at the airport.

While pot is the basic drug of choice for cannabis fans, hashish is used all around the world in recipes. It’s not difficult to find a hashish legal alternative that can be used in all the various ways that hashish can be enjoyed. The legal choice offers a way to get all the same benefits without the hassles of trying to find a good hashish dealer. Either way, the harder this stuff is to find the more we all are looking for a high quality hashish legal alternative.

The really cool part about finding a hashish alternative is that there are new strains of legal buds that are coming out all the time. This means that the quality of the alternative option is only going to increase. Switching is simple, since you can just order the legal hashish online.

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