What are the Effects of Marijuana?

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We all know that smoking pot can either make you stoned or it can make you high. But really, what are the actual effects of marijuana? There are both positive and negative effects of marijuana, and often whether one effect is considered to be a positive or negative is left up to those who are partaking. Being high is an obvious effect. Some people consider this positive while other people consider it to be negative. It all depends on your perspective and that can change too!

Initially, after your first hit or two, there are some noticeable immediate effects. The heart rate increases and most people find that their throat or mouth become very dry. Bloodshot eyes are common within just a few tokes. While many people claim that their eyesight, hearing, and their tactile sensitivity are affected, scientifically speaking this is not really considered to be an effect. Some people feel that their sexual experiences are enhanced while others find that their sexual experiences are muted.

The short term memory is almost always noticeably different when smoking marijuana. Short term memory effects can be as simple as not being able to recall what you ate ten minutes ago or it can be severe enough to make one forget his or her name, address, and phone number. This effect generally dissipates once the THC effects, or the high, has worn off.

Most people can not get a firm grasp on the passage of time. Some people might think they have been sitting in one place for hours when in reality only twenty minutes have passed. Others find that the opposite occurs, that time has stood still when in fact several hours have gone by. There is a definite sense of loss of coordination and an inability concentrate on a single task. Driving a car is never recommended because the altered mind often can not signal the body to perform appropriate actions. Combined with the altered sense of time, and a loss of ability to react quickly, driving high is a very dangerous idea.

Some people experience an induced anxiety attack every time they smoke weed. There is a sense that you do not really have much control over your body, and sometimes your thoughts, and this can be a situation that creates a severe anxiety attack. This is not something that happens to all smokers, and those who have experienced this type of pot related anxiety attack generally do not continue to smoke marijuana.

There are pain relieving effects that go along with smoking marijuana, as well as a potential for a calming and soothing effect. People who are withdrawing from harsh pain medications like methadone find that during their worst periods of withdrawal, one or two hits of marijuana can help them whether the storm a bit better. Of course, this can become habit forming and the withdrawal symptoms will last longer. Yet when limited on use, it can relieve the physical and emotional pain of narcotic withdrawal.

Dependency can happen to some people. When someone becomes addicted to weed, they tend to suffer from difficult relationships, isolation from those who do not smoke, job loss, and eventually low self esteem. With long term use, smoking pot can damage the lungs and create the condition known as COPD, chronic obstructed pulmonary disease.

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