Eating Marijuana – Hash Cakes Anyone?

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Eating marijuana is far different from the other previously mentioned two methods, smoking in a cigarette/spliff or via a pipe or bong.

As the marijuana/cannabis enters your body through a different channel (e.g. your stomach lining rather than your lungs), the hit will be different and take anything up to an hour to reach your braina€¦

hash cookiesThata€™s right, an hour to reach your head – maybe more – as your stomach first needs to digest the food in which the marijuana/cannabis is contained. However, once the hit arrives, it will be much stronger than for smoking an equivalent amount of pot, basically because you get 100% of it rather than losing quite a lot in the smoke and ash.

I advise eating it only with some discretion, particularly for the inexperienced user. Let someone experienced, who you trust, help you with preparation the first time so you can judge the strength, and will be on hand if your high gets too intense. The point being that unlike smoking, you cana€™t just stop. Once youa€™ve taken it, youa€™ve taken it, and you just have to see it through.

Dona€™t let that put you off eating it, however. Because it is an a€œinvisiblea€ hit, you can take it then just forget about it, and as long as the dose is right, just relax and enjoy the high. There are also some very tasty recipes around, and cannabis actually tastes quite nice in its own right! Add fruit and nuts ( see recipe below) for tea time treats.

Eating marijuana is also the healthiest method of taking the drug. You just need to be careful, thata€™s all, and the best recommendation there is to not take any more on top of what youa€™ve taken, until that high has arrived – dona€™t be impatient, it will come within an hour or so. If it hasna€™t by then, question what youa€™ve been eating! Also, dona€™t mix it with alcohol.


As I said, it is healthier, and acceptable to those with strong objections to smoking. You can take some and then go out for the evening while the high comes up, thus getting high in public (a rare pleasure for some – though would cause great paranoia in others). There are many different ways of preparation so even those who treat some with distaste would probably like others.


Also covered above. Cannabis is not dangerous, even if you take too much – therea€™s no such thing as an a€œoverdosea€ (you need to take about 10,000 times as much cannabis as it takes to get you high to be reaching potentially fatal levels – the equivalent with alcohol is as little as 10 times). But a deep hit from eating too much can be quite unpleasant – at the same time it can be quite mind-bending in the best sense of the word. Do it at your own risk, but dona€™t run scared of it either.

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  1. Kelly Besant says:

    I dont think there is enough literature on the net of the bad effects of too much marijuana in hash cakes! If it is your first time and you do too much it can be the most scary experience of your life! Feel like your literally going to die, or that you are already dead and people are just talking around you or about you now your dead! Then there are muscle spasms that you cannot control. You slip in and out of mental states. One minute you feel fine, then the room can all go swirly and you feel like a mental patient! No-one seemed to realise how messed up I felt and scared! I was crying my eyes out saying I’m going to die! I did these cookies because I have NEVER heard of a really bad trip on hash cakes. I have done narcotics and therefore was not afraid of trying a cookyie as I had never really tried it before, it definately did not agree with me. I took 3 hours for the effects to take place. Id only had 3 Vodkas at the point it took effect but I did also have a few puffs of a joint 5 mins before it took hold, so not sure why this happened but it was soooooo nasty, scary, unejoyable. I was in a pub when it started so I thought I had been spiked in my drink as the rush was so strong and scary, luckily there were a lot of my friends there who got me home and saw me through it but I, normally a chilled person, was freaking out on them SERIOUSLY! I thought they were all in on some dodgy spiking thing, I thought they had done it to me. I took the cookies of my own accord but could not put it down to those as i so was not expecting that kind of rush!? I think that people should be more aware of the bad effects no matter how few and far between it happens because when it does happen and you are not prepared for it, that is just toooooo scary and not a nice rush AT ALL! I will NEVER in my life EVER eat a hash cake again.

  2. antonio says:

    i have to agree with kelly 100%
    it was the worst experience ever for me and i had pretty much the same side effects as kelly recounts.
    i would see things around me and people around me and i wouldnt know if they were real or they were part of my imagination. one minute i was 100% sure they were real and the next i though i was in a coma and everything around me was a result of my mind.
    it took me what it felt it was forever to get back home (but it just took the normal while, maybe a little more because of traffic…the only thing that would keep me from yelling to the cab driver, was the fact that my eyes were constantly on my watch and i knew that time was moving regularly, though i felt it was slooooow)

    piece of advice: do it with moderation and in a place you wont leave until the effects are over.
    as for me, will never do it again, never.

  3. Joy of Indigo says:

    My advice to anyone who ever decides to try this is simply, take a moment and think to yourself ‘Why am I thinking this way? It’s all in my mind, and I am in control.’ Taking a deep breath will definitely help, and just realizing that the whole ‘trip’ is nothing but your imagination. Yes, the chemicals you just put in your body are doing something to your mind, yet technically speaking, you should be able to pull yourself out of ‘high’ state regardless of how much you’ve smoked, or eaten in this case. Will power is pretty powerful thing. Just start off will a happy and very well set mind, and prepare to basically feel the world being reborn inside you. : )
    -But yes, always be around someone you trust in case you do find yourself in a sate of extreme paranoia.

  4. james says:

    hash trips are fucked up but the best sence the smell does not exiest cant get busted and a cop will think that it is just food you will have the fucking time of your life i did to much of it 3 times and it was scary the first 20 min but i was on a trampoline and i practicly died but my friend was tripin on acid he tried to kill me i think and fell on top of me we went to town and i drove the car big fucking mistake i stole a soda and that was auesome but at the same time i was soooooooooo fucked up

  5. Heather says:

    I just experienced edibles last night it was my31st birthday, after three chavelas and a shot of patron I went for a bite and holy shit it ended up taking me to the er. I couldn’t separate realty fro non realty, I literally felt Like I was outside of my skin watching things unfold in front of me. I kept slipping in and out of contisciouness. It was the most horrible experience if my life. I’ve done a vast array of drugs and this by far sucked the most! IRS almost been 24 hours later and I’m still hugh. Thank god I came back to my realty because last night I thought for sure that’s what death felt like. I also felt like people were against me. ); sad…. Anyways I survived and will never touch that garbage again!!???

  6. zoe says:

    i have just come back from Amsterdam wandering how the hell are space cakes legal?? my god it was the worst experience my boyfriend and i have ever experienced, we thought we were dying….we tripped for around 3 hours and we will never ever do it again . Advice ….don’t eat it !!!! we only had one cake between us….

  7. Anthony says:

    i love to eat marihuana just before going out, especially if it’s something kewl like clubbing or raves.

  8. laura says:

    I have just come back from Amsterdam and I had the worst experience on hash cakes.
    I went there with my friend and we were affected within about 2 hours, we only had half the cake each.
    I thought I was having a heart attack, was in boiling water and was being squashed.
    I then was having huge panics as I had no idea who my friend was, I was hallucinating she was a girl I went to school with, someone I hadn’t seen for over 10 years. I was screaming at her saying I didn’t know who she was or who I was. I didn’t even remember my husband, but I knew i should know him and I was sobbing because I was so frightened I had forgotten who people were.
    I cannot explain how terrified I was, I was so scared that I would never feel normal again and subsequently I wanted to jump out of the window and kill myself. I also thought that my friend was staying awake to kill me.
    I’m back home, but am feeling anxious because I had no control over my body.
    I never smoked hash or taken drugs, so the effects were worse as I have no tollerance but I would never ever touch the stuff again.

    Please be weary if you want to try it!

  9. Linda says:

    Space muffins should be made illegal. I’ve been to Amsterdam with my friends and we were all trying the stuff. I have never had drugs before so all my friends were used to it. I first tried to smoke it and did not like it at all….tastes horrible and actually had no effect on me. So I decided i would try a space muffin. It only took 30mins for it to take effect. The result?….instant laughter for about 5mins then I was struck with severe paranoia. I went into my room but could hear my friends talking about me….I started crying not been able to handle the feelings. Then my heart started beating uncontrollably…I tot I was having a heart attack and was going to die. In my mind my friends were not listening to me so I tried to jump out the window. It could have been a serious incident if my friends did not hold me back. Whilst reaching peak…I couldn’t trust anyone. I ate the whole cake and experienced the most horrible time of my life….it lasted 5 hours. Never again.

  10. ryan says:

    ive just came bk from amsterdam and me and my cousin had a space cake between us, it took about half an hr to kick in and was the worse experience of my life first it felt like i was losing my voice then felt like i was being strangled and couldnt breathe and my mouth was really dry i would never recommend doing this as i had never touched drugs before and thought it was a good idea,the whole thing lasted about 7 hrs and i can honestly say it has put me off doing anything like that, lucky for me an my cousin 2 of our friends were with us as the trip seemed to last forever and the effects were horrible. if u are going to do space cakes make sure someones with u to look after you as it could have been alot worse for us if we didn.

  11. Ian James says:

    DO NOT EVER EAT DODGEY CAKES. Just arrived back from Amsterdam, still feeling funny now 30 hours after eating it. Terrible stuff!!

  12. Sammmmm says:

    Worst experience of my life. I thought I was dying. My boyfriend said he lost count of how many times I threw up last night . I was sick to my stomach and will
    Never touch weed in any form EVER again. Please beware

  13. Anna says:

    I have to agree with Kelly too, worst experience ever in my life, guys don’t do it! I was in Amsterdam and the cake really fucked up my brain, had the same effects what Kelly described. Will never do it again, EVER!

  14. Dave B says:

    Sounds like those cakes contained magic mushrooms – shrooms. You can buy shrooms no problem in Amsterdam cafes. Maybe some acid in the cakes. Problem is – who knows what is in the cakes ! A hash trip can’t really last more than 3 hours and not normally nasty. Admittedly though eating hash is 10 times more hallucinagenic than smoking it.

  15. Tyler says:

    I have to disagree with most of the comments here (that it is bad), as eating baked goods has always been a very enjoyable experience for me. The thing with most of everyone on here is that they ate a cake with an unknown amount of hash, and no idea how a concentration would affect them. This is (obviously) very important! I have once ate an amount to give me the out of body experience, but I was expecting it and was able to enjoy the crazy high. If you do eat too much though, it can be an extremely scarey experience, although not hazardous to your health.

    I have baked 6 or 7 batches of brownies by now and have it down to a science, but started out very very conservative and slowly increased potency (I’m very glad I did). If I have to give anyone advise here, it is to start out small! Eat 1/4 of a treat, and wait 3 hours (yes 3, I normally peak around 3 hours after eating) and go from there. Too little is better than too much.

  16. Jack says:

    I think the main point is to be mindful and take it slowly – all of these ‘never ever again’ stories sound like they are coming from people who were inexperienced and took way too much for their first time, or just hadn’t read up or researched what they were putting into their bodies.

    I only have natural when ever I take marijuana – but that’s beside the point, eating it? Well I do recommend it (to those who know what they are doing and what to expect). I eat it with cheese and toast every so often, whenever I feel like going on a relaxing high. I don’t get paranoid about anything, even when I’m really stoned, I always have very pleasant experiences. Though I am a naturally positive person.

    I will say that sometimes the time it takes for you to feel the effect, really depends – sometimes it take 45 mins to start feeling it and then, for example, the last time I consumed some, it took 3 hours. I had given up on it and then all of a suddenly I realised I was totally high! It was such a nice feeling. I was playing music with a couple of mates, they were smoking it, I dont smoke so I eat instead. Love eating it every now and then.

  17. doreen says:

    last year i ate them i also thought im dying and it was my 1st time,i felt like im loosing my mind it was very scary

  18. Tulip says:

    JUST back from Amsterdam… Worst experience ever on hash cake brownie …. Felt Completely dizzy and spinning and out of it after about 2 hours of eating the cake …. Got worse and worse and worse. Could not stay awake and felt unconscious in a deep Nasty coma like sleep … Could not wake up easily everything comp,etely spinning .. Felt burning hot all fer … Like deep heat had been rubbed all over my body and was working its way up all fer my burning body. Finally passed out and was dripping with sweat … Then after cold and shaky … Slept a whole night and 24 hours later still feel really groggy .. Horrid stuff.i thought a half cake would be harmless .. And the previous day I tried half a cake elsewhere and was ok… But the coffee shops don’t say what or how much of stuff is in the cakes, so it’s pretty much a big gamble. I will never again risk it …apparently reading other stories all very similar to mine there are all sorts of things that can be mixed into the cake … Worst experience and felt like I was dead watching and hearing people around me talk about me passed out …. Thank God my boyfriend was ther to look after me otherwise anything could have happened.

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