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I can only tell you what I think is the best legal weed substitute that replaced a habit of 15 years. I smoked weed daily from the day before my 15th birthday (birthday present from my older brother) right up until the day before my 30th birthday. I can’t risk my job but giving it up completely was hard. reefermadnessI did alright for about 2 years and then I got really stressed out over some personal stuff and I went looking for my old supplier. Turns out he got his three strikes.

I opted for a legal weed substitute with that little wake up call. It’s not like I am looking to flush my life down the drain with legal troubles or risk my job, I just wanted a break from the stress, reduce the fighting at home, and be able to let my mind rest at night instead of tossing around with all kinds of thoughts in my head that worried me. I tried a few from various places. Some worked really well while others were good at producing hoarseness the following day without much to show for it. So my best legal weed substitute came from a lot of trial and error.

Hands down my best legal weed alternative is the Dutch Green Bud. When the stress of daily life or a rough patch really gets to me I don’t tend to go for the illegal blend anymore. The Dutch Green Bud is smooth enough to leave my throat in one piece while it eases all those worries so I can deal with them calmly later. I stress out less when I regularly abide by my evening “cocktail” and have been having better relationships at home because of it.

I know the Green Bud is rather popular and I get why. It’s not easy to replace the buzz you get from the elicit material, but smoking pot has consequences and sometimes you have to make choices about what really counts. But there is nothing wrong with getting a little natural help along the way. Smoking herbal buds technically falls under the holistic healing category, and yes the Green bud has holistically healed the stress that was ruining my home life.

There are a lot of natural and legal weed substitutes out there and some will do the trick better than others. Of course, when you find the one that really works for you there is a benefit to having plenty on hand while you opt to sample others. I know that I wouldn’t have made it through my rough patch if I hadn’t found the Dutch Green Bud. I like others out there and I do keep a little of those around for different occasions, but the best is the best in my opinion. That way I am never really disappointed. And ordering a replacement bag is a lot easier than trying to track down a dealer.

So, find your match, grab a batch, and go ahead, kick back and relax.

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