Harry Pothead’s Best Legal Alternative to Weed

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I always thought legal alternatives to weed were just plain dumb. At least, until I had to quit. When I got busted with my stash you would have thought that the whole world shook or something. I was given that same old ultimatum that we all get, only I was pretty sure my girl was serious. She was all like ‘Quit or get out’ and this time I decided to quit.

Harry Pothead - legal surely!But I really missed it. I missed that soothing rush I would get when I started to feel the buzz, and that floating feeling I would get in my hands. I even missed the smell.

I guess I was kind of walking a thin line anyway. All I had to do to lose my job was miss one more even half day since I had missed so much already, my girl was sick of the people that would traipse through the house selling or buying, and one more possession bust just wouldn’t be good for me.

But, yeah I still missed the high. On the advice of a friend, I checked out some legal alternatives to weed. Actually, it was pretty cool because a couple of us went in on buying enough for a sampling party. We all kicked back with our new legal buds and had a blast. I can say it was close to the exact same high you get from smoking, but it was a really cool experience because your buzz with is different with each herb.

It’s like living the clean life with all the benefits of smoking. I don’™t need to worry about random drug tests at work because I don’t have anything elicit in my system. I don’t need to worry about that third possession charge. I still have to worry about getting out of bed to go to work, but that’s because I really can’™t say I want to work at all, not from sleeping off a good buzz.

With fewer worries and a more carefree lifestyle these days, I still get the social benefits of smoking without the same legal risks. It’s not a bad deal overall. I know that some of my friends are a little hesitant to make the switch, but those who have seem happier and less stressed too. We can all still get together, gather our favorite munchies, and hang for a few hours just doing our thing so my friendships have no™t suffered at all.

I guess going the legal alternative to weed way has kind of made me a better mate. Seems like there are fewer fights and I seem to forget things less often. My girl is really happy about the money we a™re saving ( legal buds are less expensive) and I don’™t end up feeling like I sacrificed anything. This is the first girl I ever gave up smoking for, so I must be a puppy dog in love. But in the end I guess she kind of did me a favor by going that tough love way.

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  1. Bryan says:

    This is the most honest thing I ever read. That dude is so right. LEAGLE bud is where it’s at.
    Nowadays, they can piss test you for anything.. And you are CLEAN. Like you get the job or no jail time..
    It is the same high only shorter. Smoke again if you need to.
    I agree! My memory is still there compared to bud..
    This is where it’s at. Just try it. No drama.
    Thanx. Good shit man.

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