About Smoke Bloke

It was in about 2007 that I saw a video that really incensed me.

A guy in a wheelchair asking presidential candidates their views on doctors prescribing legal marijuana for those who really needed it, and being rebuffed by a couple of those sob’s once they realized that THIS guy in a wheelchair had an agenda!

I’m talking about MS sufferers, those on AIDS meds and other meds that destroy their appetite. Little old ladies who find marijuana to be far more effective in easing their ‘aches and pains’ than the pharmaceutical companies poisons.

Well, it made me mad!

As did this video:


Federal government over-riding state governments – shit!

Marijuana is a natural substance, harms nobody, benefits many and as the current President of the USA once said:

“When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.”

The founding fathers of this nation George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both promoters of hemp, as noted in their farm diaries. as hemp farmers. Washington’s farm diary spoke about the quality of seeds, always taking care to sow seeds in best areas on his farm.

He also documented the importance of cultivating seeds at the proper time taking care to pull the male plants from the females. In 1790’s he began cultivating “Indian Hemp” which he said produced the best quality of plant, and noted its superior quality to common hemp mostly grown during that time.

Both Washington and Thomas Jefferson disliked tobacco, and on occasion they would exchange gifts of a hemp smoking mixtures.

Yep folks, marijuana is OK by Presidential decree!